Super NES built like Superman?

Post reads: "Let's slow down the pace of the PAX and video game industry news for a bit and talk about something that plays a major role in allowing us to play the games we know and love. How durable are the consoles on the market today?"

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ITLoo3026d ago

I miss cartridges. Blow on them and they work. None of this "disc scratch" mumbo jumbo.

luke2013026d ago

i still have one and it workss perfectly x] this was the best console everrr. lol i miss being a kid and playing mario and donkey kong country :)

Beatboxtaun3026d ago

Yes! I had pre-ordered the DK SNES and received that all-over print green DK tee. Oh, how I miss that ugly shirt. But, yeah I started collecting all my old systems again. I used to trade them in to get the newer ones, now I don't do that.