Will Duke Nukem Forever Get AO Rating? (Hands on Impressions and Screens) - Ripten

Dave Oshry of Ripten: Like many other gamers, yesterday I got hands on with Duke Nukem Forever. A game which I’ve been waiting for, for over a damn decade. Was the wait worth it? Well my first impression is, oh hell yes.

My second impression? This game ain’t for kids and may very well deserve an AO rating by the ESRB. Not that I mind, I’m just saying it might be harder for your little brother to get his hands on Duke than he hoped ;-)

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jaredhart2695d ago

I'd be disappointed if it didn't.

Duke Nukem Forever Baby!!!!


i hope this game does good though, id hate to be the ones trying to fill the shoes of all this hype, only one man that can do it and his name is...duke. duke NUKEM!

lociefer2695d ago

i just hope if its AO it dosent get downgraded for M

SeanRL2695d ago

I want to kill flaming hookers, is that too much to ASK?

Thrillhouse2695d ago

As an Australian, I'm guessing I'll probably have to import this one :P

wakash2695d ago

bout time this game was shown

bfenty2695d ago

Seriously. Don't care just want to play it

kevco332695d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that DN3D would get an 18+ in the UK these days, even though it was only a 15+ originally...

CrzyFooL2695d ago

I hope so, this game ain't for kids. Come Get Some!

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The story is too old to be commented.