Ongoing Confusion Surrounds PlayStation Move's Launch Date

Sony officially christened its motion controller Move at E3 2010, simultaneously announcing release dates for North America, Europe and Japan.

So that's September 15th in Europe and September 19th in North America, right? That's the official party line from Sony, and is mirrored on its official websites. Try a retailer however and you get a different story.

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BrianG2995d ago

The confusion is probably over the "ship" date versus the "street" date. The ship date is when Preorders are shipped out, I assume. But you can't get your hands on it until the Street date, which is the real release date. Amazon and Gamestop here appear to be listing the Ship date.

rob200902994d ago

Nope, my preorder ship date on Amazon is the 16th and it will be arriving on the 17th.

BrianG2993d ago

I'm glad to see your not confused, but it seems over here, I'm in the US, East coast, not sure where you are, they are mixing up the dates like crazy.

rob200902993d ago

Oh I never said that retailers weren't confused. But I can firmly say (one of the sites in you post) has the release as the 17th with preorders being shipped out on the 16th. I was simply providing a response to the Amazon portion of your post, not gamestop or any other retailer.

Note: I'm in Texas.

Megaton2994d ago

Anyone see any TV spots for Move yet? I haven't seen a single one, and it's launching in like... 10 days? I've already seen some weird hybrid commercial for Macys and Kinect, and that's not coming until November. Not to mention they were already shopping it around late night TV before it even had a name.

#1 cause of death at Sony: piss-poor advertising.

nycredude2994d ago

Yeah death at sony = 38,000,000 consoels sold with "piss poor advertising". Newflash the best form of advertising is my friend's endorsent. It's called word of mouth and Brand reputation.

Megaton2994d ago

I had no idea the PS3 was never advertised before launch. Learn something new everyday at N4G.

A console brand with a reputation is quite a different thing from a peripheral that looks oddly familiar to one released back in 2006. They're also going for a new demographic. A demographic you won't find visiting gaming websites or discussing gaming news with their friends over lunch. It's a demographic that lets their TV tell them what they should buy.

Counting on word of mouth and brand recognition (and a cornucopia of other screw-ups) is what helped Sony land in the position they're in now, as opposed to their monstrous financial lead ahead of any and all competition in their 1st and 2nd outings with the PlayStation.

SeanRL2994d ago

He's right, Sony isn't the greatest when it comes to advertising their big games. Hopefully GT5 and LBP 2 will get some love though.

Redempteur2994d ago

why ads now ?
gamers will probably test the product and with hope it's ll create a good reputation ... that will help for christmas ..because believe me ..that product will be marketed at christmas ..also what's the point of advertizing a product that isn't yet available ?

Megaton2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

To build consumer anticipation for its launch. With such a huge focus on pre-orders and launch parties these days, you'd think it would be obvious.

Edit - I've just seen 2 CoD:Black Ops commercials since posting this. More than 2 months away from launch.

Goaliegeek2994d ago

Yea, idk when it's coming out either. The PS blog videos and the PS site say, you can get yours Sept 17. Gamestop says it ships the 17th. I gotta buy mine at Best Buy, so I guess.... the 19th? The Best Buy site doesn't list a release date.

earbus2994d ago

I think sony over advertised last gen every sport on tv hell they would have sponsord a egg and spoon race but times are tough its good they dont waste endless cash on dubious commercials .

rob200902994d ago

They are advertising MOVE with subway right now and that is literally the only time I have seen it besides on the internet

jaytv-pyro2994d ago

if you reserve it from and you get free shipping

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