Marvel vs Capcom 3: Know your fighters

Around eight months from release and Marvel vs Capcom 3's roster has already hit 16.

It's a number that'll more than double before the game ships, and that's important, because you'll have to master at least three of them to be as competitive as you are in Street Fighter with just one.

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RockmanII72939d ago

That list is missing Viewtiful Joe and Dormammu

fuckitimout2939d ago

they'd be a nice addition. Good idea

Acquiescence2939d ago

I know that chest anywhere.

scar202939d ago

I just hope this game dosent have laggy servers.

RockmanII72939d ago

I've never had a problem with MvC2's server, but I have never played SF4 or SSF4 so IDK how those games do.

scar202939d ago

sf4 does have laggy servers bt i dnt know bout ssf4 as i have nt tried it.

Baka-akaB2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

ssf4 doesnt have perfect online yet but it's ok and at least way better for me than the original .

At least far there hasnt been many reasons to complain about any capcom fighting games online

mikepmcc2939d ago

Chun Li all day everyday.

Zezo2939d ago

back in a day, I used to do a spinning bird kick with chun-li and pause to see her panties xP, you gotta love it xD

2939d ago
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