How Duke Nukem Forever Was Brought Back To Life

Kotaku: The revival of Duke Nukem Forever in Seattle at the Penny Arcade Expo may be the most stunning comeback story in video game history. In an interview with Kotaku, Randy Pitchford, the man instrumental in Duke's return, explained how Duke came back from the dead.

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R2D23021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

If its a successful game Gearbox fan-base will grow and they will be labeld as heros for saving the franchise,

If the game sucks Gearbox will be crucified by both fans and media for messing up a legend.

Not sure I would want this responsibility on my plate because people are expecting allot from a game thats been delayed since 1997 - some of those expectations that the hardcore fans have, would have been better realized on the PS4 or the Xbox 720.

but to be honest Gearbox is one of those developers that can pull it off - the other developers that would do this game justice is R* and Insomniac.

dosgrtr3021d ago

like what are they expecting of this game exactly?

MicroSony4Life3021d ago

Can you imagine back in 1996 playing Duke Nukem 3D which got an average rating of 9/10 and then a year later have Duke Nukem Forever announced - expectation were very high both in gameplay and graphics. Here is a link with the Duke Forever time line:

So anything less that was expected back them would be doing the true fans of DUke a dishonor.

-Mezzo-3021d ago

lol, Bad-Ass pick... ( Hail To The King Everest)

Mista T3021d ago

amazing read, it's really hard to comprehend the development process this game undertook and how it got resurrected.

-Mezzo-3021d ago

agreed, I sure hope the game turns out to be crazy fun.

DarkFantasy3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I'm so happy Duke Nukem is back! i use to play Duke Nukem games for hours! and i would laugh my ass off and have fun playing the game and i just couldn't stop playing the only games that have done that for me( i don't know about you guys but anyway)where Duke Nukem,Half life!!<3,Uncharted,Twisted Metal,demon souls am i missing any ? feel free to add them for me XD,they where just fun games to play and hopefully i can add Duke Nukem FOREVER!!! to my "OMFG I CANT STOP PLAYING THIS!!" List.

MGRogue20173021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Duke Nukem spends time with sharks? I didn't know that. =/

Syaz13021d ago

probably just a portrait of one of his fishing trips...

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