TGV: 15 Minutes with the Super Street Fighter IV World Champion

TGV headed down to Super vs Battle 2010 earlier this week and interviewed Daigo Umehara, the famous Super Street Fighter IV World Champion.

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Sidology2939d ago

Daigo would destroy each and every one of us at any 2D fighting game ever.

Street Fighter or not.

Crusade2939d ago

No. They don't have haidokens in other fighting games so he'd have to think of something else to spam.

WengYong2939d ago

There are characters made specifically to counter fireball spammers, and yet Daigo can still find a way to beat them. If you actually took time to watch his matches and see what he does, youd be amazed at his skill. CvS2 he used M.Bison, not Ryu and was still pretty awesome.

And agree Sidology, hes not called the king of 2d fighters for nothing

topdawg1222939d ago

Lol you would get rocked by daigo, you're just bein a salty slug

deadreckoning6662939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Yeah, because a person's skill in 2D fighting is the ultimate determinate of their worth in life. s/

Gran Touring2939d ago

Lol daigo would probably whoop my ***in tekken and I don't even think he plays 3d fighters.

WengYong2939d ago

The fact that he is bringing pro gaming to a more public demographic is extremely important. How many people know who the world Halo, or MW2 champion is. As a gamer, you should appreciate what guys like him are trying to do. And that is getting professional gaming recognised to a more common audience.

WengYong2939d ago

Good Interview, as a fan of the SF series it was great to hear from the best in the world. Hope he keeps it up, and beats Ryan Hart haha

Wii360BeatsPS32939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Meh I would beat him every match all day long. Then I would go around Mike Tysons house and SMACK HIM IN THE MOUTH. One punch knockout.

PS3-2472939d ago

Daigo doesn't scare me. I can beat him. BRING IT ON FOOL!

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