Five Games We Don't Need to See on Move (Feature by Movemodo)

A sample from Movemodo's feature on 'Five Games We Don't Need to See on Move':

"Unlike other platform holders, Sony has a concept approval process, meaning a game has to receive a thumbs-up from Sony before it can go into development for a PlayStation platform. Although this should limit the amount of low quality titles released for the company's consoles, the odd one or two still sneaks through the net. Here's some we really hope don't.
Endless Party Games

Yes, we all love a good party – especially here at Movemodo, where our shindigs regularly go on until 8pm – but the line's got to be drawn somewhere. Start the Party should kick things off in good style, but we don't want to see the floodgates opened for the likes of 101 Party Game Megamix"

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TheLastGuardian3020d ago

I want to see a new parappa the rapper even if it is the same old gameplay. I just ask that it be way longer than parappa the rapper 2.

anh_duong3020d ago

i want 3d hd trauma center

NecrumSlavery3020d ago

yeah a realistic TC would be insanely amazing.

I pray & hope that Epic Mickey come to PS3 via Move_

dorron3020d ago

I would love Wii's Dragon Quests ported to PS3...

Bobbykotickrulesz3020d ago

A Dragon Quest game for PS3 would kick major ass. But honestly, I think the Tales series is much better. Because of the combat. Tales is a better series than Final Fantasy now, in my opinion at least.

now if only they'd release them in the US...

shotgun_ps33020d ago

I really want a God Of War game with full move support. Imagine swinging the move to make the chains do crazy stuff and then boxing the air with the gauntlets, there would be a lot of broken things in my flat but it would definitely be worth it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3020d ago

Can we PLEASE get Amateur Surgeon as a PSN title?!?

Make it happen, [adult swim]!!!

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