Nintendo Life Interview WayForward - Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Here's a sample of Nintendo Life's interview with WayFoward about Batman: The Brave and the Bold:

"Nintendo Life: How did you guys end up working on these two Batman: The Brave and the Bold titles in the first place?

Adam Tierney: WayForward has worked on a number of titles with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment previously, and this was an opportunity that they came to us with. Everyone in both companies was really excited about the "play the cartoon" approach we had planned for the game, especially after using a similar production process on the beautiful A Boy and His Blob for Wii.

Sean Velesco: We were always a shoe-in for doing the DS version, with our handheld experience. The idea was to make a game as awesome as Contra 4, but infused with Batman’s signature style and skewed towards all-ages. The Wii game was more challenging to sell, but once they saw what we had planned, the project was ours!
All tied up!"

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