US PlayStation Store Update 8/16

PS3 Fanboy reports that todays US Store update will include the following:

* DiRT Demo (free)
* NCAA Football 08 demo (free)
* Folklore "A tale of two strangers" trailer (free)
* Timeshift trailer (free)
* Heavenly Sword making-of video episode 2 (free)
* Heavenly Sword anime episode 2 (free)
* Bros Solomon movie trailer (free)
* Wall E movie trailer (free)
* Lives of Others movie trailer (free)

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AznSniper4052d ago

wow not bad......can't wait to see next week's update since it's GC

FlamePhoenix4052d ago

I jumped out of my seat and turned on my ps3 when i saw this

Kleptic4052d ago

love the movie trailers...especially in HD...

I have about 10 gigs left on my 60 gig ps3...mostly because of having every demo...but the movie trailers are adding up too...lots of demos are going to get the boot pretty soon though...some demos suck, and the good demos I already own the game...

timmyp534052d ago

keep the demos coming and ooo ooo Heavenly Sword Anime.. time to download while playing super star dust HD.

rowdy 14051d ago

Man I'm at FREAKING WORK!!!!!!!!

Meus Renaissance4052d ago

Sick and tired of these Movie trailers. Does anyone actually download that stuff?

There must be hundreds of them now on the store.

Spartan154052d ago

Yes! Love the Update. And I love the movie trailers, I get to see them in hd.

Jamaicangmr4052d ago

Yes i do, i look forward to them aswel. Not as much as game content but they are fun an small so whats your problem anyway?

Crazyglues4052d ago

I am going to have to say I too love the movie trailer downloads... I was hoping they would put 1-18-08 up but no luck. That's a real good movie trailer.

Anyway I don't know why you don't like the movie trailers, I love them. Can't get enough. I mean I would love to get more game trailers but the movies are cool too.

I wish I could get some of those PS3 Ad's -The one's where they are explaining the PS3's power. I love that commercial.

Gizmo_Logix4052d ago

I don't mind the trailers as an extra bonus. But more demos would be nice. Do you have an HDTV?

Omegasyde4052d ago

those movie trailers cover some of the cost of PSN.

Don't complain about them since they help make PSN Free.

Sometimes, the best things in life are free, get with it dude. ;)

Watkins4051d ago

I got pretty much all of the movies and trailers. Both Blu-ray and Theatrical. So yes, they're great.

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snakeak4052d ago

looking forward to the DiRT demo.

getrdone4052d ago

I hope lair is next week