Unreasonable GamerCast: Episode 9

'TheShape108 and Velius come back for they're 9th episode and first up its they're review of the Anime classic Akira. After that it’s the bits o news, this time around they have the FF Versus 13 trailer, the Mortal Kombat trailer, the FFXIV beta buggyness, James Cameron’s Starcraft movie, the Wii Sextoy, the Chilean miners and there PSP, the Hardcore trophy for New Vegas, Stracraft II sales and the Valkyria Chronicles 3.

Now its all about the games as they have, StarCraft II, Mafia II, Mushroom wars, Call of Duty Classic, Castle Crahsers, and the Vanquish demo.

Finally its the news with the XBOX live price increase, mulitplayer in Arkham City, the first reviews of PS Move and Puzzle Quest not hitting PS3.

As always please get emails in to [email protected] to have your questions answered. Find them on podbean at http://zackysmack.podbean.c... or on iTunes and please enjoy the show! Have a great weekend listeners,


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TheShape1083019d ago

I don't have one right now, but its are most requested feature so were going to have it up before the next podcast on Thursday. Thanks for listening.