Does the PS3 need Bioshock?

Although many had their hopes up last week nothing has been announced about Bioshock coming to the PS3, but the big question is does the console need it?

So far the Take Two game is looking to be the summer's big hit, getting impressive scores across the board; a lot of 10/10s and a lowest score so far of 9.5. Its gonna be huge, and reckons the PS3 is missing out...

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Jack Bauer4052d ago

a game like Bioshock will no doubt win over the harcore gamer, but considering the small population of us and it being only one game (no matter how good), i doubt it will hurt the PS3 not having it.

i always thought of it as a timed exclusive to the 360, but the retail box shows "only on xbox 360 and windows" i have yet to see that on a 2k game ever, im thinking MS saw how good this game was and snatched full exclusivity while they could...but hey, ya never know.

jromao4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

I played Bioshock on 360 three days ago and I'm not impressed at all, its just one more FPS game with good physics and some other nice features, hardcore gamers will for sure be happy to play it for a while if they like the horror kind mixed with strange shooting. I liked the entrance scene where we need to swim till the lighthouse and all movie scenematics underwater, water is very well done, but this game is not in my buy list for sure.

But STRANGEHOLD demo is another story, demo is good and physics are great, except camera is somewhat slow and don't have smart movement and that maybe will be fixed in final release. But PS3 will have Stranglehold soon.

Violater4052d ago

This game is getting, If MS hasn't ponied up the cash to keep it exclusive I would be surprised.

As for the topic's question, I think this would have been a great game to come to the PS3 now that the amount of quality titles just aren't there.
If it were to happen say next year I don't think there will still be a great demand for it as there will be more games out for the PS3 by then.

hazeblaze4052d ago

It's true that the lack of Bioshock will not 'hurt' the PS3... I think it's definitely a 'loss' to PS3 owners. By all accounts this is really a must have title. However, the PS3 is getting enough must have titles this fall/winter to compensate for the 2-3 it will be missing out on. Plus... most ps3 owners who want to play this game probably will... on pc.

Real Gambler4052d ago

You said, word for word, exactly what I was thinking.... Bubble for you anyway : )

eLiNeS4052d ago

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Wii60_FTW4052d ago

"its just one more FPS game"

lmao. ***FANBOY ALERT***

Omegasyde4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

1)Bioshock is coming to the ps3. Its just a matter of time.

---Why? Because Take 2 loves Money. MS also doesn't see too much to gain for this title. Take 2 will pull a "ubisoft" and probably release the game for the PS3 next year.

2)Metal Gear Online (NOT MGS4) is coming to the 360 as well.

---but WHY??? Sony helped Fund MGS4, not Metal Gear Online. Konami developers took some of the engine, and a different lead man (not KOJIMA) over for project development. Konami has hinted of MGS going multi platform as well. I have no clue when the cat will be let out of the bag...

3)The new Star wars Game will own both and be a surprise hit. I will also get hired and take over Michael Pachter as leading gaming analyst and provide exclusive insider info.


EDIT: I played Neutral.. but I guarantee both of my predictions. The star wars comment/analyst came out of my a$$ however.

jay34052d ago

I'm sorry but i couldn't help but see a bit of "Fanboy" in your comment. Are you saying that Stranglehold is better than Bioshock? Well, you would be wrong. I understand completely that it's just your opinion but i don't believe for one second that you weren't at least a bit impressed with Bioshock. And the fact that you say Stranglehold is better, makes me think you say that because that IS coming to the PS3 unlike Bioshock.

And on the topic. I think if the PS3 had the same sort of line-up next year as it does this year, this would definetly hurt it. But the PS3 is looking to have an impressive line-up next year so this will probably minimal, if any "Damage"

FreeMonk4052d ago

for all the PS3 fanboys who don't own a 360 that they won't experience Bioshock.

It's superb. Just check the reviews going around the net. The lowest score so far is 96% for the game and many other sites have scored it 10/10.

Any PS3 fanboy who says 'This is another FPS' or 'I don't care, it looks crap' needs to actually play the game, NOT THE DEMO, the ACTUAL game to get the full experience.

Just like MGS4 is a must of every gamer for the PS3, Bioshock is a must for everyone on the 360, and either party would love the other consoles exclusive title for there console!

Bioshock is awesome.....spectacular!! It'll always be one of those games that are in the top 50 or the best 100 games ever polls....FOR EVERY SITE OR MAGAZINE!

Even if you are a PS3 fanboy, don't rob yourself of an experience, hold back the pride and play and enjoy it. Then go and say it's crap, but keep the secret down inside that you loved it, because everyone who plays it will know you did too!

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ISay4052d ago


tplarkin74052d ago

Of course it hurts the PS3! Any good game on 360 damages PS3 sales. It's another reason to avoid the PS3, or buying games for PS3 (if you own both consoles).

power of Green 4052d ago

MGS4 isn't getting scores of 9's and 10's yet if ever.

MGS isn't as popular on Xbox so your post doesnt make any sense.

MGS4 isn't a new IP/series Most Xbox gamers care about.

ASSASSYN 36o4052d ago

New game new IP new pwnage ammo against ps3. MGS4 same Ip Same game old fart representing it. You can only ride a retard so long.

BaMYouRDeaD4052d ago

I don't care which console MGS4 goes to, but no matter which one it's on, you shall not take the name of any MGS game in vane. Sorry, I'm just a big MGS fan, I couldn't control myself. =P

hazeblaze4052d ago

If you read my post, you'll see that I'm looking forward to Bioshock as much as the next guy............ But if I had to choose b/w Bioshock and MGS4, it'd be MGS4 by a LONGSHOT! Bioshock is only a new franchise by name... but it still picks up where System Shock 2 left off. And MGS4 may be an old IP... but it's a sequel of one of the greatest video game franchises ever made, period.

All of which hardly even matters since there are plenty of new IP's coming out this year as well anyway. The games being good matter a lot more than whether or not they are new IP's or not... after all, Halo 3 is the most hyped game in the history of gaming!

Staircase4052d ago

Every metal gear has gotten insanely good ratings. 4 is looking really, really good, and will defiantly bring more people into the series. Kojima promised he would put all he had into this game, and i know it won't disappoint.

supnub54052d ago

then why the rumor of the mgs4 coming to 360 still doesn't die, because in the deep heart xbots like you want it, even after kojima himself confirmed it's a ps3 exclusive.

eLiNeS4052d ago

to take one more exclusive away from Fony and the fandroids nothing else. We don't need it, we have plenty AAA games that will get better ratings then any PofS3 game ever will. And who would want MGS4, especially if it plays as the demo did that we saw of it. Pulls a can out of his @$$ then rolls two enemy's down with out making a noise, come on, pulls a can out of his A$$?!?!?

bYkICr4052d ago

Want or Don't want. 360 girls and PS3 guys have different taste of games. For those who share the same taste they have both. End of story.

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360Sheep4052d ago

want... maybe

need.. not in the slightest

Clinton5144052d ago

They need many. And Bioshock will be making it's way to the PS3 sooner or later.