Debate of the Week - Why are so many gamers unaware of the PS3's features?

As reported earlier this week, a poll by the NPD Group has shown some worrying results; that more gamers than they'd like to admit really aren't aware of all their consoles capabilities. It's even scary to say; only 40 per cent of PS3 owners polled were aware that the machine had a Blu-ray player, but what doesn't make any sense is the results also said that half of them had watched a Blu-ray movie on theirs. Erm, what on Earth were they thinking they were watching?! But it doesn't end there...

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bym051d4017d ago

One reason is that there are a lot of them.

I'm not sure I know why people haven't heard of Blu-Ray or HD, but things like DLNA aren't exactly commonly used.

Ri0tSquad4017d ago

people that buy the ps3 buy it to play games and nothing else.

Fisher3394016d ago

Sony Ad's suck.

Instead of making an ad with a give, doing his thing in a sock while watching soccer, they should actually inform the consumerswith normal ads.

Even as a sony fan i can admit their ads blow.

360Sheep4017d ago

ohh you know, the media card reader, reading every single type of memory card, the wireless functionality, the high definition bluray player, the functionality with an external hard drive, the hdmi 1.3 for uncompressed sound, the DNLA support over a home network. You know the stuff that it has coming out of the box with no add ons.

Ps3Fanboy7774017d ago

Ps3 is a beast...

Its hard to use ALL of its features though. Sony should make an IPHONE like commerical just showing someone booting up linux, playing a game, show the photo album..

Sonys marketing is horrible. But then again its better then the constant nagging 360 commercials and advertisments i see all over..

D_U_I4017d ago

Oh yer!!! 3 red lights and .............

macalatus4016d ago

Hey ASSasyN 360, what happened to your "self-portrait" retard pic? I'm surprised you didn't put here in your post. Well, it ok...since we already knew that you're a retard to begin with, except that you confirmed it with your self-portrait pic dressed in a superman costume. Hey, you're a special kind of 'special handicap' though, since you can actually operate the self-timer of a camera and (gasp!), know how to use the Internet and this site. Just please don't tell us that you also drive a 'yellow bus', 'coz that would be incredibly scary!!

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xaphanze4017d ago

I believe the main reason is that Sony doesnt know how to advertise it.I mean,did u see those ads?

monoknacker4017d ago

Sony has not advertised the features of the PS3 that well, it only seems to be serious gamers who have the faintest clue what features are on the ps3.
I don't understand why sont doesn't do more Wii like adverts at the moment, showing off its functionality rather then the 'hey we're crazy' stuff.

BaMYouRDeaD4017d ago

I really doubt an evil baby doll advertisement on Haloween tells consumers ANYTHING about the PS3 and what it does. Those videos on would work really well, if Sony could manage to get shortened versions on TV or have the whole thing play during the previews at movie theaters.

supnub54017d ago

why don't they include a video included in every ps3's hdd that shows how to use stuff, great idea isn't it.

btkadams4017d ago

sony needs to stop trying to market the ps3 with lame movie-ish ads. they need to have an ad that shows the ps3 in a spotlight, then a calming voice saying:

"The playstation 3, the world's cheapest blu-ray player, and worlds most powerful video game console. Watch movies and play games, all in glorious HD. Listen to your music collection streamed from your pc, or put it all on the 60gb harddrive along with all your photos and videos, through usb or through the various memory readers. This is living."

there sony, pay me a million dollars cuz my ad just made u billions.

supnub54017d ago

to the music that is streamed from your pc?

snakeak4016d ago

with a DLNA server like Nero or WMP 11. You never wondered what that "Search for Media Servers" option was?

ALIEN4017d ago

It's true, SONY has not advertised the features of the PS3 very well. I think that every person who buys a PS3, Should know that they are also buying a Blu-Ray player. They should ask or read the PS3 box.

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