Custom Gears of War Shoes By Jacob Patterson, Signed by Cliffy B.

AH: Our boy Jacob Patterson has finally returned to YouTube with some older kicks he made for SFX-360’s party at E3, but we didn’t really get a good look at them (and what went into making them) until now. I’ve seen a lot of Gears of War shoes out there, but the grungy look and feel to these really hit home with what Gears of War is all about. Don’t let me keep you waiting, though, because the story of what went into making them awaits below.

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Stretch322905d ago

I'm glad we got him on Analoghype. Dude does the sickest shoes.

Natsu X FairyTail2905d ago

Nike dunks one of the best kicks out thea.

Active Reload2905d ago

I can't fuck with them if they're not AF1s.

caesar842905d ago

Keem sighting @ the 3:00 mark lol

ogwilson2905d ago

I still want to buy some kicks from him. But they have to be for the right game.