StrengthGamer: Metroid Other M Review

Shame on you Nintendo. How could you do this to me? I have been waiting patiently for the next true installment of Metroid. Where I could take Samus Aran around the galaxy and kick some serious ass. Instead of this however, you gave me a game that's a cross between an after school special and Tuesday's episode of Guiding Light. Suddenly Samus Aran had been turned into an emotionally distraught female protoganist who needed her hand held while crossing the street.

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EvilTwin3020d ago

Shame on you for writing this laughable review.

ChickeyCantor3020d ago

" I blame the Wii. "
LOL, cause no actual gamedesign process went trough, right? idiot.
Your whole reasoning is hilarious.

As for crying about the controls in 3D space.
You hardly needed to go diagonal, you just have to set yourself for the dodging maneuver. Which worked fine. The camera moves flawlessly with you helping you go in one straight direction.

"Please don't buy this game. If you do I'll feel like I failed you."
You are a failure.

Granted the voice acting wasn't great(Adam had a good voice actor though) and some things were over-dramatized. But everything else about this game is awesome.
If you don't like it sure, but this review is just badly written with hardly any substance.

Venox20083020d ago

bad review, and "smart" reviewer.. :D

Invader_Quirk3019d ago

Ugh. This game is great. I'm a couple hours in and it's really well done. I'm really sick of these people that think they've ruined Samus. Sorry, dude. Samus has been like this for a long time. The canonical manga explained it all. Her back story is tragic and she has a lot of issues. Don't get mad at Other M because you're a Samus n00b.