Kirby's Epic Yarn trailer and preview on PGN

"Paul Gale Network delivers a preview of Kirby's Epic Yarn, discussing what the game is about, feedback, and a look at the latest trailer."

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John007guy2907d ago

Nice preview. This is the perfect girlfriend game much like NSMBWii.

GeorgeAnimal2907d ago

I agree. At first I thought WTF did they so with Kirby but after seeing more videos I like it!

RobinGB2907d ago

OR if your actually a girl gamer it could be a good 'boyfriend' game. Who am I kidding all girls love Kirby.

hannibus2907d ago

EVERYONE loves Kirby!!!!

Anthonynoonz2907d ago

Bring it on
I've been waiting to long for a new Kirby. :)

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