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Hoje03083026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

After this, all the talk about PS3 exclusives looking so good because "The maps are just corridors." have just been thrown right out the window. This game looks so fu*king good! Any rumors on a release date?


i havent heard anything. dont think anything is announced yet. maybe something will leak during PAX

Redrum0593025d ago

Hoje0308 meant trolls used to say that ps3 exclusives looked good only cuz it lacked open world emvironments and was just all liniers lvl maps, but that this game proves those trolls wrong.

... and i agree

boodybandit3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I wasn't the least bit interested in Infamous when it launched. I wasn't really much of a sandbox fan but I do enjoy adventure games. I friend of mine was so sure I would like Infamous he told me he would pay for it if I didn't enjoy every minute of it.

Needless to say he didn't have to shell out the coin for it because Infamous was one of the most "fun" best titles I have ever played.

I completed it four times and was never bored. I would spend countless hours just running around riding trains, rails, power lines and just blowing shit up!

This sequel looks amazing! It looks like Sucker Punch is showing other developers how to truly take a game to the next level and beyond. I can't believe the arsenal Cole will have and how much of a leap the visuals have under gone. Easily one of my most anticipated titles of 2011.

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ico923025d ago

the animation looks stunning, heck this game looks stunning im Cole can levitate objects wow, im kinda curious tho, wtf happened to the Hud?

mrcash3025d ago

mafia 2 visuals with better effects, looks really good I want to pick it up but I really don't seem to enjoy open world games like i used to with the exception of oblivion.

Bloodraid3025d ago

This and LittleBigPlanet are going to make me such a happy little boy.

Though; this isn't 'brand new gameplay'. A video showing this was posted a week or two ago, but it was just someone recording a television.

krisprolls3025d ago

No, generic = the Halo series

N4BmpS3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Yeah because there are just so many Open-world games with a hero possessing electrical abilities on the market right no...right? If you don't have anything productive or constructive to say don't say anything at all, I understand that this is the internet and everybody likes to hide behind their anonymity and be D-bags to piss others off(since they're too cowardly to do it in real life) but dude really, grow up.

ico923025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

so are N4G trolls like you

silvacrest3025d ago

i mean, we hardly see and space marines killing aliens

oh wait....

and if you want to talk game, i hear point and shoot is pretty common

boodybandit3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Now go crawl back under your bridge and let the real gamers talk.

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Solid_Snakeps33025d ago

i dont think those people understand: DO NOT SHOT AT A PERSON THAT SHOOTS LIGHTING FROM THEIR HANDS! Cole will just kill them lol

Meowhammad3025d ago

SWEET BABY JESUS! Step aside Uncharted, a new king is here.

Lf_sIcKmAn3025d ago

I wouldnt go that far... looks SICK... but uncharted is just on another level... :)
Best looking open world game though! :D

gtsentry3025d ago

well the game luks unbelievable now,n its coming out nex year so itll have a chance,especially since its exclusive on ps3 where it wont be held back by we all know wat

troncoparati3025d ago

I hope they fixed the pacing that the first game had. If they did we could have a contender here.

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