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"After almost two decades since the release of Super Metroid on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the true sequel to the long forgotten Super Metroid is finally here. After the long wait, Metroid fans can finally find out what happens to the infamous Samus Aran after the defeat of Motherbrain. Metroid: Other M is nothing like the Super Metroid but instead, it reinvents the game compeltely by taking the features from the past three Metroid games that were released on the Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii. Don’t worry, the Metroid experience is still intact." - JPS

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easto1a3021d ago

another metroid game suppose 4/5 isnt bad :\ rather a new ip myself

EvilTwin3021d ago

It's quite ambitious. Not just "another Metroid." There isn't another game quite like this one. I suppose they could've gone ahead and made a new IP, but there's a reason some franchises stick around so long -- they're able to evolve.