Lost Odyssey Has A Silent Delay

Although no information has been seen on the delay of Lost Odyssey, multiple sites such as Gamestop and seem to confirm this rumor. Both have changed the release date for the game from Q4 2007 to January 2008.

This seems to be disheartening for Xbox 360 fans who were eagerly awaiting this title. Luckily, a 2 month delay isn't too bad. It's only a matter of time until this game will hit the shelves and all the gamers can enjoy this much anticipated title.

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360Sheep3990d ago

haha.. another one for the waitstation3... this is waiting....mmmm irony

CNIVEK3990d ago

WHAT? o_o

Anyway...the game never had an "official" release date anyway, so this really isn't news. If HALO 3 got bumped to '08, I'd call that newsworthy ; I doubt the Japanese market this is made for, even realizes it's CLOSE to release. :o

FormidableOne3990d ago

Although this game didn't have a set release date, Microsoft has been hyping this game as one of it's major holiday releases. I think this story is definitely news-worthy as this is yet another title that is backing out of a holiday release.

Bloodmask3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

if this is pushed to January. There are still 3 killer RPGs coming out before Christmas. Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon and Mass Effect.

One thing is for sure. There 360 lineup is looking very promising for both JRPG fans as well as WRPG fans this year.

Schmitty073990d ago

Was looking forward to getting this for Christmas

sonarus3990d ago

Not a big rpg fan but this rpg definetly looked a lot more interesting to me than blu dragon and i might have bought it pending demo play. Oh well its not like its cancelled

Bombomb3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

more games for 2008, it will be a wonderful 2008 for both consoles.

I will have halo 3, bioshock, mass effect, eternal sonata, blue dragon, cod4, and some others for with fall/winter.

Granted these games do have replay value. COD4 and halo 3 will gets lots of play online.

I'm sure there are more games coming out but too lazy to post. I will gladly wait for this game to be polished or whatever they must do..

for people that put these delays on par with the Ps3, man it is more excruciating, if i was a ps3 owner.

Ps3- was late a full year or more in other regions.
PS3-games- have been getting delayed way back. Lair still not out yet..
PS3-getting inferior games not running at full speeds or just not online.
PS3- had games that were cancelled for 2007
PS3- playing catchup with the PSN features, that were standard when XBL debut.
PS3- have DEV playing catchup.
PS3- still no DEMOs while gamers wait.Demos on XBL have been crazy this month.

I mean yes [email protected]#t happens to all consoles but no need to put the 360 in the same category.

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The story is too old to be commented.