Killzone 3 Gameplay Video from PAX 2010

As part of their meeting with Sony,Skewed and Reviewed got a hands on look at Killzone 3. Sony did not allow any direct video or pictures to be taken, but we were able to get this footage which was played with the Move contol. While it did take some getting used to, especially when flying, the game was impressive. The fact that the game will also be available in 3D for those with 3D televisions is a huge plus as Sony's free update in OCt for the PS 3 will update the firmware making it a 3D Blu Ray player.

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MAR-TYR-DOM2998d ago

Wow, i think this is the game to silence Move haters.

DarkFantasy2998d ago

it wont silence the haters..once a hater always a hater.. it might shut some of them up tho :P..Even tho i will still be playing with the dual shock 3 for a while..might get move some time next year :P

PoorMansGT2998d ago

Move aint bad but i prefer playing games lie killzone and socom with a dualshock. I rather them make a game made for move specifically.

redsquad2998d ago

Now if they could make a 'rifle' casing that houses both the Move Wand and Navigator (with the navigator forming the forward grip), we'd be well in business!

nickjkl2998d ago

if they make a rifle casing they would have to take the move and nav controller apart and rewire the whole thing

redsquad2998d ago

I was thinking more of just mechanical buttons on the 'rifle' working the Move, not electronic ones.

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FACTUAL evidence2998d ago

DANG! Looks so bad!(In a good way) Day one for sure! Also, the aiming seems much smoother this time. The textures look beyond KZ2 as well. Saying the textures are the same is something I'd expect to hear from someone delusional. 2011 GOTY contender.

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Garethvk2998d ago

It was odd, they had a floor space with some Move and 3D games and then big areas for Infamous 2, Killzone 3, and Little Big Planet 2. So when we had a private meeting with them in a hotel suite, we thought we would get to see some good new stuff. Well they showed us Infamous 2 and the new Ratchet and Clank, but we could not take pictures nor play it. They were tight on the footage for this one, I had to sneak it. Odd since on the floor you could take pics, video, whatever.

bligmerk2998d ago

It could be the private showing was a more recent build, maybe not a huge difference from the show floor build but possibly some aspect that was different. Also, PAX is not really a main show for Sony, especially with TGS just a couple weeks away.

Garethvk2998d ago

Here is a brief cut scene video as well.

Garethvk2998d ago

Move is awesome. I have played it a few times and it is far more precise than the Wii. Kinnect is limited but fun. You cant play shooters with it, mainly boxing and sports games, driving, and a dance game. It was tricky learning to fly with it, but you do get the hang of it in time.

Dellis2998d ago

Wow can you believe they took away the under water feel of the gameplay, look how sharp it looks now.

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