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Submitted by TheLeprachaun 1985d ago | news

Why the PS3 hack is another nail in the game industry coffin

Sony's PS3 has finally fallen to the trials and persistence of the hacker community. With the announcement of a USB plug'n'play mod to be commercially available in the last few days, Sony has lost no time in attempting to halt retailers in both Australia and the US from selling these mod chips. However, as expected with any piece of software, it didn't take long before it was spreading across the internet in the form of PSGroove allowing the hack to be freely downloaded. But what implications does this chip have? Who will it effect? What is it capable of?All valid questions and in a perfect world, the official stance of the mod being for homebrew only would be correct. But unfortunately the vast majority of people interested in this want it for one reason and one reason only: Piracy. (Industry, PS3, Sony)

Anime-Vixen  +   1985d ago
Ugh im getting tired of hearing about this! It annoys me that hackers.Srry i mean losers are ruining the game industry. Are you that poor you can't afford to buy a game. You making good developers lose money. I hope sony bans everyone who uses this hack and put out a firmware to stop it!
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catguykyou  +   1985d ago
Every console has been hacked. It didn't destroy the industry years ago and it won't now. I'm not defending this. Pirating is bad but the industry will survive.
gamingdroid  +   1985d ago
Yep, and by the way books, movie and music industry suffers from piracy as well!

If there is money to be made, these companies will survive.

I'm not condoning piracy, but it is a fact of life!
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1985d ago
this is unproductive article
morganfell  +   1985d ago
What is really laughable are the morons that fail to understand jailbreak. It isn't a hack, it is a small exploit. It isn't the beginning of anything. And it is an exploit that once firmware updates will become meaningfulness.

This won't be a tit for tat race between Sony and hackers. It will simply end and a few idiots will hold on to keeping their PS3s offline forever in some ignorant effort.

And so people are aware, Sony has files suit against Zoomba that were selling Jailbreak in the US. They have already been served legal suit documents. They are known persons, not shadowy underground figures. Their choices are to appear or try and go on the run. The summary states:


Those clowns will be ruined for life. Serves them right.
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MmaFanQc  +   1985d ago
and im sure sony will force peoples to update their firmware with a mandatory update included on the disc in their next SCE games even if your console isnt connected to if you dont upgrade you firmware you wont be able to play it.
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Anton Chigurh  +   1985d ago
The mandatory update can be easily deleted from the root of the game disk as Mathieulh (PSGroove Creator) said.

"It is still possible not to connect the console to the net to avoid updates and the possibility of withdrawing PSPUPDATE.PUP file at the root of each game"

*Pressing Delete Key* BAM Here goes your mandatory update...LOLZ
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Rocket Sauce  +   1985d ago
Remember when the Wolverine movie leaked online an entire MONTH before it came out in theaters? Everyone in the world heard about it on the news, and for 30 days all I read about was how much it sucked...then it came out and made $100 million in its opening weekend.

Always remember that when someone talks about how bad piracy is.
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Guwapo77  +   1985d ago
Piracy won't do anything to the industry?
This is such a false statement. Piracy is the worst thing that can happen to any system. Here are few reasons:

- Remember Sega Dreamcast? Piracy destroyed that system. All games simply needed to be burned in your standard CD-ROM. Those that didn't work you would buy a boot disk for $3 and bam you were gaming. Where is Sega now? Yeah. Sadly I was guilty of this when i was young and dumb thinking nothing could every happen to the Superpower know as Sega.

- What about the upstart software company trying to survive in the recession? Oh wait you are concerned about yourself because your broke too and can't afford the game so, take away from someone else's hard labor.

- What if it was you that created that game? Nuff said.

BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1985d ago

Yeah, Industry will survive, but it will get worse in many aspects. DRM, games price hike, future consoles price hike for security investment and what not are all justifiable from this.


Being too poor to invest in some kind of ENTERTEINMENT isn't a good excuse. It's not food for god's sake, I'm too poor to get a sport car or pay to rent a track, but it don't make car robbing or illegal racing anyless of a crime.

I live in Brazil and people complain about it all the time, from both sides. PS2 official price here is equivalent to about 340US$, legal import 250US$, grey market 150US$, games cost from 35 to 55US$ (funny enough, they cost A LOT MORE in grey market) but the officially released are few and many are really old games, making a way too short and bad available library... PS3 officially costs equivalent to 1150US$, legal imports more, grey market starting at 500US$, games officially cost 105US$, more in legal import (import taxes here are almost criminal), starting at 85US$ in grey market... Yes it's a lot here where minimun wage is equivalent to 290US$ per month and those high taxes apply to everything else, so everything here costs more than it should, rendering this small salary even smaller. So it's really not lazy people complaining, most simply can't get access to this kind of technology even working more than most people that get access... Not fair? Yes. Good excuse? Not at all.

Even here, where piracy was once responsible of 98% of the market, things changed. Piracy started to dominate with PS1, rental stores broke, gaming stores were no more as piracy and importation got all of the money, many stopped playing... As time passed people went to PC and, more recently, mobile gaming. They only played freewares and cheap games for a time and those got popular here as communities were born and grow around it... At the same time broadband connections got now really popular so many are interested in playing online and rental stores made a come back in locally pay to play and monthly fee for N games models. Result: the market were visible again to outside world. The likes of Ubisoft and EA had opened studios here for sometime now, specially guided to manage PC games distribuition in Brazil (games which now are cheaper, thanks to a bigger market), MS launched it's console here (yeah, by more than what Sony asks now and there is still no Live, but we got something after over 10 years without any console released here), third party firms as Latamel and Synergex legally distribute games and consoles in competitive prices here, in the void between costumers and products that wouldn't reach here a grey market born (it indeed avoided taxes, but at least people were buying original games, and it's not like if up to 135% importing taxes were fair), now Sony wants to invest here and produce it's games and consoles here too, so they can cost less and distribute cheaper to other south american countries, rental stores are back and there are plenty of options to legally game again, whatever is your hardware of choice.

In a wild guess, considering people I know, I say piracy is still something in the lines or 40% to 60% of the market, but more and more people would prefer to have it original, they simply are uninformed of their options as renting or buying past launch and/or (fair to say) are mostly away from big cities were those options are more accessible and visible. The only thing holding the market now is government tax abuse, not an easy to solve problem indeed, but considering where we've come back from odds are piracy only tends to get smaller here... And it's election year, let's see if now the more mature gaming community here got a little wiser.
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movements  +   1985d ago
I get what he's trying to say, but the gaming industry ain't going anywhere anytime soon
Chucky2003  +   1985d ago
they aren't losers,they are just good in what they do,if you don;t understand that or you can't do what they can doesn't mean they are losers,i don't agree with what they do but to call them losers is showing the envy you have for them,besides you can't pirate games on PS3 yet,will take a little more time for that,i can't say i hate pirates because i play pirated game on PC but i was admiring PS3 cause nobody found a way to hack it,well there is something you should know by now,all good things must come to an end,its just a life lesson
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comp_ali  +   1985d ago
I hate you people pirating pc games publicly while trying to save your PS3 from piracy threats.
Kulupoo  +   1985d ago
What do you mean "you people"?
haha, Well I only pirate PC games to test it out.(if no demo version available) If i Like the game, I will uninstall the pirated version and buy the retail. If I hate it, I will probably uninstall it right away.
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   1985d ago
Well is not that people are poor and some are smart if you ask me like who wouldn't accept free games, shit I wouldn't mind. Plus some games ain't worth 60$ bucks out there. Man listen it's going to be alot of people hacking there ps3 to get free games and if some of y'all say no well, THAT'S A LIE AND YOU KNOW IT.
madpuppy  +   1985d ago
first of all, they are CRACKERS not hackers
A hacker is a computer programmer...for example a Game developer studio is filled with hackers, they make the games and game engines.

A CRACKER, on the other hand is a person who breaks into secured computer systems and cracks DRM and codes. the programs they make are mainly used for that purpose as well.

Damn TV, Movies and the "news" for demonizing a perfectly good word because they were too stupid to check the definitions
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Solid_Snakeps3  +   1985d ago
also a cracker is a person that smokes Crack cocaine
Gilliand  +   1985d ago
It's also because of pirates we get shitty things like DRM and overpriced DLC. Pirates really hurt PC gaming for awhile though I think Steam is helping fix that and shows that if games are cheaper they sell a lot more, like when the game is $50, a million people buy it, but when it's $20 three million people buy the game, so in the end you make more. Hopefully sometime soon, a publisher will lower all their games to $50 on consoles and others take suit. It's weird that Sony, Nintendo, and MS compete price wise, but game publishers actually don't.
Gran Touring  +   1985d ago

Piracy didn't kill the Dreamcast. The PS2 did.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1985d ago
Yeah, Sony is just gonna find a way to ban you dumb asses, go on , keep on taking about it so Sony can find you even easier. LOL!
enkeixpress  +   1985d ago
... God damn, Sony *has* to get rid of this thing asap now, It's really starting to annoy me now.

.. And no, I ain't jealous about not having it in my possession. >.>
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tunaks1  +   1985d ago
wii, ds, psp, 360 have been hacked for a while now. And those platforms are still being supported.
TheLeprachaun  +   1985d ago
PSP sales have been hugely effected in a negative way by piracy. The DS too, but to a lesser extent.
tunaks1  +   1985d ago
but we still see big releases on it,
GOW, BBS, Peace Walker, MH...
Eiffel  +   1985d ago
Software yes, but hardware wise, PSP had a significant increase spike once CFW hit.
Stealth20k  +   1985d ago
The psp is still amazingly popular in japan and the software for both the ds and psp have been amazing month after month
darksied  +   1985d ago
How can you guys be so ignorant. Who cares how the hardware sells. Does it help anyone except Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, etc. if their hardware sells like crazy? So that would be the perfect world, right? Billions of consoles, but no developers to make the games because they lose too much money to piracy.

DEVELOPERS LOSE MONEY BECAUSE OF PIRACY. THAT'S A FACT. And if you bring up the developers who actually turn a profit and ignore the small ones who keep closing all the time, then you're retarded.
pippoppow  +   1985d ago
Most gamers aren't tech savvy enough to mod a system on their own or have the money to get it done. Then their is the illegal downloading of games; some are easy full Iso but many have to be pieced together through new groups. Lots of info and time needed to know how to download and burn a copy required. Too much for the average gamer to bother with. If anything it'll be good for hardware sale and I'm sure some of those modders will buy some new games which'll help in game sales. I do wonder what the percentages of modded consoles are for those that were hacked previous gens and current. Probably 10%-15%.

360 and Wii have been hacked near the beginning of this gen and software sales are still good. The industry is doing well.
joypads  +   1985d ago
PIRACY is damaging our gaming industry,if you're a TRUE gamer who cares about games then you should not steal from hard working game devs & publishers.
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Solid_Snakeps3  +   1985d ago
*facepalm* at those who disagreed this
Gilliand  +   1985d ago
Well it's clear why they would. I admit I pirated before, but that was when I was younger and didn't know that it affects developers, but now the PSP is crawling along on its hands and knees.

Though rarely, I still download some games to see if they work, if they do I go out and buy it. Just wish Devs released more demos on PC.
hiredhelp  +   1985d ago
i have a valid point. to this pathetic excuse that gets raised. its theft. its not theft its copying. for example if i was to say copy a dvd i didnt want but i wasnt intended to by the orignal. how is that theft. as that copy i copyed for example is somert i wasnt planning on buying so there for they havent lost money.

now for my point in question. developers complain its theft stealing money looseing money in the industry. so why still make for xbox 360 psp and wii. why support them and not make a seperate game purely more for thoes consoles that try to secure themselvs like ps3 and psp go. yet you still seem to be happy to take money and deals. to me that makes you 2 faced.
you say you hate piracy yet you make for systems that you well know are hacked and ones that arnt like the ps3 . namely publishers such as EA UBI ACTIVISION.
i admire sony for always trying to go that extra stop this fraud microsft will do a ban on ip knowing that playing keep buying new consoles and upgrading there mods

piracey has been going around since the early starts of the gaming never stop unfortunatly. i think what would help the industry is to lower VAT AND TAXES ON GAMES. bring back prices top games example retro on the c64 i paid £10 that £10 gone to £40-upwords
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Psychotica  +   1985d ago
Hmmm, let's see.. Because you didn't pay for the rights to use it? You don't buy a game, you buy a software license to use it. When copy it, you don't have the license, therefore you are stealing
jmare  +   1985d ago
"i have a valid point. to this pathetic excuse that gets raised. its theft. its not theft its copying. for example if i was to say copy a dvd i didnt want but i wasnt intended to by the orignal. how is that theft. as that copy i copyed for example is somert i wasnt planning on buying so there for they havent lost money."

Have you ever heard of copyright laws? If you obtain(copy) the creative work of a group or an individual without their express permission you have stolen from them. The idea is that those individuals make their money off of something intangible, i.e. the words in a book, the lyrics and music in a song, a film or TV show, or a video game. Copyright laws protect intellectual property as it differs from traditional products because a house is a tangible thing, the words in a book are intangible and are therefore easier to steal than a house or a car.

Also, if you want to make a point, try using proper grammar and have a clear idea of what you want to say before you start. All that comes across in your poorly written diatribe is that you think games are too expensive therefore piracy is okay. That and something about developers complaining about piracy but still making games upsets you.
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hiredhelp  +   1985d ago
grammer na leave that to you. ;)
hiredhelp  +   1985d ago
grammer na leave that to you. ;) can you tell me whats theft then about coping a disc that you didnt intend to buy that you may borrowed from a mate. please feel free to grammer me
Gilliand  +   1985d ago
"can you tell me whats theft then about coping a disc that you didnt intend to buy that you may borrowed from a mate"

I never bought that BS excuse, if you didn't want it, you wouldn't want to have it, but you do want it so you make some BS excuse and get it. You would have bought it if it wasn't possible to get it for free, or you would have just waited. Also whats stopping you from getting things you actually "want" and just getting those for free?
Saladfax  +   1985d ago
Whereas piracy doesn't quite account for the expressed amount of lost money (since pirated games don't quite equal potential sales), it doesn't change the fact that it is theft and is illegal.

There's no semantics argument on that point; something that is intended to be bought and paid for with various licensing agreements is not supposed to be freely given. Just because you didn't intend to buy it in the first place doesn't make "copying" any less theft than counterfeiting. If you don't feel bad about it, that's fine, but don't try and pretend that it's not theft.

In any case, developers do lose money to pirates. Most honest, hard-working folks will spend money in most cases, but let's not forget that locks are generally to keep honest people honest. If it's easy enough (i.e, not the PS3 mods), the average Joe who likes to legitimately pay for his merchandise will pirate something without feeling too bad at all.

The problem for the general public lies in the creation of intrusive anti-piracy measures that make trouble for the normal, paying folks. That, and game prices get hiked to make up for the impression of lost sales.
jmare  +   1985d ago
Piracy isn't the only reason game prices have gone up. The bigger reason is that the cost of development has increased as well. It's only natural when you go from teams of 10-15 people making a game to teams of 50-100 that it costs more to make the games. The publishers seem to not have gotten it yet that you can't make your money back as well anymore with shovelware or mid tier games. IF they would create budget titles instead of making every game $60, they would have a better chance of making money as the lower the price, the easier it is to try a game that you're unsure of.
Zinc  +   1985d ago
The game industry is not dying. The only place the industry is going is to a place of higher profits. It's routine for one game to sell millions of copies earning publishers 100's of millions of dollars. 1 title alone made a publisher 1.5 billion and counting. Even the almost no budget - by comparison - indie titles make very good money. This is all sensationalized crap that is being spread through the internet.

Games make money.

That is never going to change, unless people simply stop liking games.

Every year the gaming industry MAKES MORE MONEY and every year you hear the same tired BS about how they are doomed.
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sdtarm  +   1985d ago
Interesting article and in fact really true
theDJKNOWN  +   1985d ago
My Ps3's been banned !!
Guys its not the end of the world. Ps3 being hacked isn't the end of the industry or sony for that matter. This hack is really limited for the average person. For someone who likes to go online BYE BYE you system get ban. For someone who likes GT5, LBP2, Not playable without the latest firmware. Some PPl have mention that you can " Take out the update from the disc in play new game without updating". umm.. well, if rememeber the 2.80 update decrease the O.S memory footprint which allow uncharted to run more textures and what not.. So if your running 2.70 and try to uncharted ur game would crash, So place that scenario with todays hack and see how limited it is.. Its not over for sony, it you look at it this way, ppl system who gotten ban can buy another ps3 which result in more sells for Sony. XD
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tiamat5  +   1985d ago
I am tired of people saying Sony will survive. Of course they will survive but what hurts the most will be what they will do to survive. Who knows what they will sacrifice or what drastic measures they will take. Who knows how this will affect our future gaming experiences or our next console. Sony's survival is not the issue here. It's us, the gamers and the poor developers that will suffer fron Sony attempt to 'survive'.
silvacrest  +   1985d ago
the gaming industry makes almost as much as the movie industry, both are pirated so much (movies even more so) yet they both rake in billions a year

piracy certainly hurts but not enough people do it to the point where publishers think there is no point releasing a game/film
hiredhelp  +   1985d ago
it may be stealing it maybe theft in the eyes of the law and to many of us. but seriously. why should you get upset how is that money lost to you. if you had a life that a designer leads or a computer programmer employed by big corp.
you wouldnt really be botherd flash cars paid for houses. not having to scrimp and save or borrow for money.
n to the b  +   1985d ago
"how is that money lost to you." yes because money is the only thing that matters here, not being able to enjoy better games from a thriving dev community. /s

the little that I could understand of what you said I disagree with. jmare is right^.
jerethdagryphon  +   1985d ago
most the people who work in the games indusrty are quite low paid 30-40k a year the ceos the preidents and the mangers make mroe money designers earn a bit more

the workers the peoplke who do the hard work dont earn tremendous amounts.

in addition most dev companys run at or near 0 income, they rely on the publishers to pay the bills

if a publisher falls through people dont get paid, if a game doesnt sell well publishers can be snide and hold back money they owe

so yes it is theft it is wrong
and to those who say i want gonna buy it anyways so why is it wrong
go into a grocery store eat a box of chocolates and walk out
its the same thing

you comsumed a product used a product without paying the people who stock it ship it make it publish it

stealing from a shop you rob one person/company usually cause there stock is paid for.

steal from a person whos bought something you steal from one person , the guy you robbed

pirate a game and you deprive everyone in the chain of there money
Omega Zues  +   1985d ago
Pirating does damage.
People act like Piracy doesn't hurt the Game Industry. Really? Why do you think Crytek went multiplat with Crysis?

“For one sale there are 15 to 20 pirates and pirate versions, and that's a big shame for the PC industry,” - Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli

"We are suffering currently from the huge piracy that is encompassing Crysis. Similar games on consoles sell factors of 4-5 more. It was a big lesson for us…We are going to support PC, but not exclusive anymore," - Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli

And people wonder why PC gets less and less support. So dont act like Piracy doesnt hurt. It does, it damages and it causes the course for developers to change.
Zinc  +   1985d ago
I don't know that many games on the console that sell 12 or 15 million copies. That is a very rarefied field at the moment.

Crysis sold 3 million copies. That's a respectable number, especially for a new IP. And it made them a nice profit.

It seems to me that these companies think they should always obtain maximum numbers and maximum profit. Life does not work that way and by extension, neither does business.
#13.1 (Edited 1985d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
n to the b  +   1985d ago
sorry but what else then, Zinc? should we all be anarchists? should we not expect the fairness of compensation for our efforts? maybe in practice "life does not work that way"; but that doesn't mean we shouldn't work toward correcting the situation.
Zinc  +   1985d ago
And what situation would that be? There is no 'what else then'. It has nothing to do with anarchism. In the course of doing business you can always count on and plan for such occurrences. You can rail against something all you want, until you have no more breath in your body, just like you can swim against the current and get nowhere; or you work with the current and sill accomplish your goals.

The only reason why I even comment on this kind of story, is that it's the same sad sack tune over and over again. Nothing is doomed. There is no apocalypse. The industry has never been more powerful or wealthy in its short history.

I'm at a loss for how you can say with a straight face and honest heart that something like piracy is going to take down an industry or make things appreciably worse for anybody.
n to the b  +   1985d ago
ah, now I see what you're saying I think. any business has to account for loss like this as a given, right? fair enough but I repeat: maybe in practice "life does not work that way"; but that doesn't mean we shouldn't work toward correcting the situation.

I don't think the industry is doomed, though. never said that.

and I agree with others here that it's a shame when anti-piracy efforts punish paying consumers. f*ing HATE drm - although drm is not just anti-piracy, it's also meant to be semi-monopolistic *cough* MS, Apple... *cough*
kraze07  +   1985d ago
The PS3 being hacked wont hurt the industry. The author mentions piracy and PC gaming but fails to mention that PC gaming has only been growing over the years. I just hate how people only connect hacked consoles with piracy and nothing else. Not only have consoles been getting hacked for generations now and still surviving, but hacking opens up doors for consoles that make them more versatile. People just seem to forget all about homebrew apps and only care if their favorite console producers are losing money because some people choose so pirate games.
LeShin  +   1985d ago
Come on now, me ONE homebrew app on a console which is worth all this crap? Ooh! an encoder so I can watch mkv files perhaps? lol don't make me laugh!

It's main use WILL be for piracy, you're deluded if you think otherwise...
jerethdagryphon  +   1985d ago
if people are that desparte for mkvs on a ps3 why not reencode them hell theres even a handy site guide to do
Heartnet  +   1985d ago
Yeh lol
To go thorough all this trouble to have a few apps on this console which u cud easily just slap on a computer.. 90% of people will use this for playing games without the disc...

On the brighter side rental services e.g. Lovefilm.. will suddenly get an increase in rentals lol.. which is why i do not see the point in this hack lol since u need the disc to back it up and if u have the disc u might aswell play it then lol..
hiredhelp  +   1985d ago
here we go again someone not been doing digging. Omega Zues if it wasnt for microsft asking for crysis to be made on there platform you would never have seen crysis on a console. thats how that started back in farcry preditor days. they laughed at them that it couldnt be done.
but with the loss jobs of another company got employed by crytek. that company was known as (free radical) now that comopany with there knowledge of consoles and games. made teaming with crytek vary valuble to crytek and made crysis 2 to me a very doable thing. the points you have pointed out from crytek are points i hear from many devs.
but as i stated they still continue to develop multiplatform and not stand by a console that declines piracy.
gypsygib  +   1985d ago
I didn't know the industry was in a coffin, I thought it was doing fairly well.
Brklynty1  +   1985d ago
Bla Bla Bla all i hear is dude thinking a billion dollar company will go bankrupt from this...
1. PS3 games will still sell
2. Not everybody is into this kind of stuff and probably doesnt even know games can be hacked.
3. How can u rip games off blu ray anyways?
4. Your ginna give up online gaming to get the game free?
5. How do u plan on getting patches and updates if ur gonna stay offline?

This s why hacking a console is useless.
LeShin  +   1985d ago
This can still be a big deal..
..look what happend to the psp. Developers stated that they stopped making games for it due to ot's rampant piracy. You want trophies on the PSP? Well, thank the hackers because that's never gonna happen now! All those ridciculous DRM we see on some PC software? Thank hackers for that to which have made devs take drastic measures to get some money back.

The thing I think is going to definitely happen if this gets out of hand, is a price hike in console games. EA have talked about it recently and so has Bobby Kotick, what better excuse for them to do so than to blame it on piracy.

The worse thing though, is if we start loosing unique and quirky games from smaller developers because of this.

No 'homebrew' on the planet is worth those things!
Zinc  +   1985d ago
I don't see a lack of support for the Nintendo DS... and that's been pirated to hell too. You want to know why this ultimately doesn't matter. People will continue to consume. They will always have enough paying customers.
Heartnet  +   1985d ago
Love how people are defending piracy just cuz it wont destroy the games industry xD

This is so not the point lol.. just cuz it wont hurt it that much dont mean it wont hurt it ^^ more game sales means better games and more game develepors :) even if it is only by a few tens of thousands of copies lol
fufu   1985d ago | Spam
Ice2ms  +   1985d ago
I pirate games all the time (PC and Xbox 360) I'm pretty sure that none of the people calling pirates losers understand why we do it so let me give y'all some hypotheticals
- They are too poor too buy every big release that comes out but that doesnt stop them wanting to play them.
- They are trying to broaden their game tastes.
- They hear a game is good download to try it out then buy the actual retail copy.
- Do it for reviewing purposes on smaller game sites.
etc. etc.

Pirates aren't downloading games with the intent of ruining the game industry, these articles blow it out of proportion as the media does with everything (Swine Flu, Y2K , 2012 etc.) PC and Xbox games average about 9GB which I can download in about 3 hours depending on my connection. PS3 games on Blu Ray Disks I imagine would average around 20GB (exclusives) its not worth my time downloading them so piracy on bigger storage disks is less likely (for the moment). Its just a matter of time before Internet speeds catch up with storage technology. Also this points out the outdated system of storage that the Xbox and PC use.

For the record I own 35 PS3 games , 24 Xbox games and 50 PC games so I dont pirate EVERYTHING.
ReBurn  +   1985d ago
Renting could satisfy every one of those bullet points. None of them justifies stealing. None of them is a suitable reason for downloading games and not paying to play them.
jerethdagryphon  +   1985d ago
i will admit i have used pirated versions that said my reasons were completly legit.

ego draconis: bought the game and my optical drive broke, the main belt for the moter had perished. dled a digital copy deleteed it after i replaced my opti drive

igi 2 disc 2. poly cement and cds are a bad mix... needed to replace the 2nd disc so i used an iso my cd key and other game disc are legit

pans laberinth film: bought a dvd stupid subtitles wouldnt play on my pc so i dled a divx copy

in all instances i owned a copy of the games
and the pirating i did was to enable me to use what i paid for

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