GameBlurb: First Fifteen Minutes of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

In this firstTEN, err...firstFIFTEEN (it was so good we had to go longer) you will get a glimpse of the storyline, experience all of the different dimensions as well as take a look at the different gameplay elements in each of those dimensions.

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jaidek2724d ago

Wow, this game is looking a hell of a lot better than I had expected. Maybe we finally have a good Spider-Man game that isn't based around a movie. I really dig the Noire Spider-Man.

Hanif-8762724d ago

Damn this game is looking good!

nickjkl2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

"there all gonna be thi seasy to find right "


"Son of a"

Kiroe2724d ago

Man, I am pumped for this game! Why couldn't it be released BEFORE Labor Day?!? I could e playing this all day long. Sigh.

liquidxtension2724d ago

Wow this could be a sleeper hit who knows?

MicrocutsX22724d ago

Awesome! I'm a huge fan of spidey and can't wait to get this game!

ActionBastard2724d ago

I think NPH is the best voice cast for Spiderman since Mark Hamil got Joker.

junk3d2724d ago

I agree, since he did voice the old cartoon. Do you know if he voices all of the different Spider-Man's?

ActionBastard2724d ago

He only does Amazing Spidey (like the cartoon), but Josh Keaton (Ultimate), Christopher Daniel Barnes (Noir) and Dan Gilvezan (2099) all seem to "get" their characters. That's why NPH owns Amazing Spidey imo, he gets him. It's like a little bit of Barney from "How I Met Your Mother" is thrown in there.

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The story is too old to be commented.