Gran Turismo 5 UK October TV Advert Leaked

Sony's Gran Turismo 5 trailer destined for British TV screens in October 2010.

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MaximusPrime2995d ago

if that will come to uk advert, most people will ask,
"is that Top Gear track?"
"what's Top Gear doing in Gran Turismo 5?"
"Top Gear Track in GT5? AWESOME!"
"Hope The Stig (AKA Ben Collins) will be a playable driver."

zootang2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

It's Fake!

Come on just look at it! Not to mention the lack of a Make.believe ending.

Edit: This is disrespectful. What would Kaz think of that trailer, lmao.

MaximusPrime2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

now you said it.


Those bold yellow quotes in the video made me think "something not right."

this German site is ruining its way of delivering GT5 news.
I'd rather stick with GTPlanet.

Hideo_Kojima2995d ago

pfffffffft even i could make a more realistic GT5 advert...

The_Count2995d ago

Really fake. There is a european release date noe so whys ay 'Coming November'

Oldsnake0072995d ago

They need to show the good and beatiful cars like the Ferrari 458i or Audi R8 driving at night in Cockpit view while it's raining.

10 mil+ sales right there.

Dee_912995d ago

just a 10 second clip
and at the end have gt5
then the make believe and release date
i bet preorders will sky rocket

EvilBlackCat2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

well if Gamespot say so... right?

LOL! "Gamespot the Racing Simulators Magazine" LOL!

Its not a sim

Its not a Real Simulator

have never been a real sim

but you all keep falling because of the lies.

Just like this...

fake tv ad?

hm0uzy2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

dude go play nintendo wii ok.

gaffyh2995d ago

This is the one game that Sony never fails to advertise, even GT5P they advertised like crazy, it's a shame that some of their other games don't get s much coverage. I hope Top Gear do a challenge against the game like they did a while ago on Laguna Seca.

Antan2995d ago

This isn't the official comercial. This was a fan made video from a while back. Does anyone visit GAF or GTPlanet on here?! This German site is getting my nerves.

Theonik2995d ago

Most people come here so they don't have to. lol
I agree though. This site should be banned from N4G imo.

hellraiserpop2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

A god damned fan made trailer I think.

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