Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Gameplay Video from PAX

Skewed and Reviewed posted some gameplay video from PAX 2010 of the pending Lucasarts title Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2.

While Lucasarts would not allow any full on shots or video, Skewed and Reviewed was able to shoot the following footage. They found the game to be fantastic and were wowed by being able to chop arms, legs, and heads off their enemies, and the sheer scope of the game.

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Garethvk3026d ago

What really stood out for me was the ability to slice heads and arms off. Lucas has rarely allowed anything graphic in the games and I think since we got to see Jango cleaved in Episode 2, they are allowing more in this one. It fits as the whole focus is Starkiller on a revenge spree. There is a segment where you jump from a very high place and you have to navigate and force blast on your way down, Tie Fighters and such are below you.

Upbeat3025d ago

its gonna be EPIC, this cod 7, infamous 2 and halo reach is something to look forward to

SAY_WHA3023d ago

infamous 2 WIll be Brilliant and im looking forward to Reach aswell

JaeKuro3025d ago

Cant wait for this game

Letros3025d ago

I actually enjoyed the first, and cant wait to see how much improved this will be, however hopefully they removed the pointless 30fps cap that was on the PC version.

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