Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: God of War

P*N: God of War is one of the greatest hack and slash games of all time. It’s my favourite of the three because its story funnels though alongside the funnelling gameplay empowerment chain.

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Anime-Vixen2695d ago

Well noone plays it anymore because it doesn't have any replayability! All GOW games are like this. Until they include co-op like dante inferno did. GOW will just be a game you stop playing in a week or two.

-Mezzo-2695d ago

well as for me i have beaten each GOW game at least 3 times each.

Urmomlol2695d ago

That's because God of War is a billion years old.

That's like saying no one plays the first Devil May Cry anymore.

It's called common sense, Platform Nation. Maybe you should invest in some.

OneSneakyMofo2694d ago

I played it the other day. God damn, that game is awesome.