Mass Effect 2: Best. Game. Ever

BMC: Is Mass Effect 2 the greatest game of all-time? Relax, that’s not exactly the question I’m here to answer, I may know better than to fan the flames of fanboyism by declaring a single game the greatest ever.

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-Mezzo-2999d ago

I really cannot wait to see what all the hype was about, only 4 months to go, till i get my hands of this. =]

tunaks12999d ago

[insert game here] pwns this title. My opinion is better then yours.

vickers5002999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Nu uh! [insert game here] is WAAAAYYYY better than [insert game here]. Only n00bs, campers, fanboys and idiots play [insert game here].

Your opinion is worthless and I hate you and I hope really bad things happen to you because you do not share my opinion on [insert game here]. Plus, you MUST be an inferior idiot to even own a [insert gaming system here], so your opinion doesn't matter anyway!

labwarrior2999d ago

And a true RPG, ME2 value is that is ME1 sequel more than anything

Without ME1, ME2 is half the game and the ME experience is destroyed completly

throw_this_away2997d ago

It is fun, it has the graphics, it has the story, it has replayability, it has great voice acting, characters you really care about, an astonishing universe, and I just keep wanting to come back for more. Being able to carry over my character and the story between 3 games is also just epic.

It is the best game I have ever played (over UFO: enemy unknown, BG2SOA, and others).

It has raised the bar with gaming for me... my eyes are now open and I now look at games with much higher expectations.