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PSJailbreak ban made permanent

An Australian court has permanently banned the distribution of PS3 piracy tool PSJailbreak, it has been revealed.

Sony won a permanent injunction against the import and sale of the USB device after its temporary ban expired earlier this week, GI.biz reports. (PS3, Tech)

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KratosGirI  +   1639d ago
First, Australia.
Next, THE WORLD!!!!
jay2  +   1639d ago
Well, the codes out there already so it's not good.

I tried to post this earlier but submit wouldn't work :(.
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Anton Chigurh  +   1639d ago
Too late $ony
The pirates can now hack the PS3 by using Nokia N900 and soon the hack will be ported to Android, Iphone and PSP.
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comp_ali  +   1639d ago
this is australia, you know. they don't even have mature rating for games.
jay2  +   1639d ago
If you look at the list of retailers they were going to ship it to, you'll see it's affected a lot more countries.
Conloles  +   1639d ago
We ride on kangaroos to school, true story......
KRUSSIDULL  +   1639d ago
And here in Sweden we have a polar bears guarding our homes, true story......
KRUSSIDULL  +   1639d ago
We also live in Igloos, here is my home!

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MicroSony4Life  +   1639d ago
In Russia we drink Vodka for breakfast
R2D2  +   1639d ago
In England we drink tea and watch cricket.
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Anton Chigurh  +   1639d ago
In Japan we hate the xbox360
tdogg06051991  +   1639d ago
In the USA we try to keep you all out of our country.
Xx Ziyad xX  +   1639d ago
here in Saudi Arabia There is oil under our tent and we Extract every morning to sell it to US, true story.....
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animelover10487  +   1639d ago
In Mexico....
we eat tacos
knightdarkbox  +   1639d ago
PSJailbreak ban made permanent
already too late for sony,the coders have this and their working on something in clones of Jailbreak.
sikbeta  +   1639d ago
Ah... dude the jailbreak is a backup manager, it reached its limit already, sacrifice PSN and upcoming games for a hack that needs the Original copy of the games in order to work... well, that will not be as huge you are wishing....
Baka-akaB  +   1639d ago
just fyi there are methods to launch isos . it wa obvious it would come , as the psjaibreak would only benefits people with access to game rentals
PopEmUp  +   1639d ago
Here in Holland we smoke weed daily, true story.....
RH06  +   1639d ago
Everyone does...
That isn't just a Holland thing. California loves it! lol
vhero  +   1639d ago
This is just leading up to Sony doing the newest thing suing gamers for playing pirate games. You know its coming.. I mean you hear of people getting jailed for illegal copies of PC games but on consoles you get a ban or something I think Sony are leading upto something big. Why make money like MS by ripping off customers when you can sue the ass off pirates?? These court cases are just a stepping block for the real goal. You think Sony don't know how far this has gotten you really think they are that ignorant?
TheMART  +   1639d ago
Lulz they only got PSJailbreak banned now, but the clones aren't forbidden yet.

Furthermore the code is out and N900 phone version already leaked, you can make a stick yourself with Tweensy++ boards and Android and iPHone versions are upon us in the next few weeks.

So Sony, go sue some more while the community uses low cost sticks or even free solutions using their phones...


@ Raztad below

Uh no, the hack isn't made illegal with this court case, the product called PSJailbreak is. The other clones could still be sold.

@ Baka

Yes, free solutions are better, like this one for the N900


furthermore, remember that the hack enables all unsigned code to run, thus homebrew. Which is much more interesting than illegal games IMO.
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raztad  +   1639d ago
You are trying to overlook Sonys success in preventing the hack to be a viable commercial product. It is now (at least in Australia) an ilegal, underground hack.

Sony technical response to this is another matter and I presume it will be here before GT5.
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Baka-akaB  +   1639d ago
i dont see a reason for gloating . At least it means that scums who wanted to get money from the process wont .

Piracy aint ok , but at the very least it should be something done freely among amateurs , not a commercial process and business like it is far too often

Hell i believe that's exactly why the likes of matthieuL came in ... they certainly werent happy about some bozos getting a business and monopoly out of jailbreaks
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divideby0  +   1639d ago
Sony first went after the easy part and stopped a lot of gamers from using this.
Now they will work with the firmware updates to take care of the rest
SasanovaS1987  +   1639d ago
sony has different people for different things...are you an idiot? the second jailbreak came out, they had a section of their best lawyers writing lawsuits, and their best coders immediately working on firmware and updates to stop it... its not like they tackle each problem 1 by 1. thats not the way multibillion dollar companies work
MysticStrummer  +   1639d ago
I seriously doubt there will be any homebrew from this, because I think Sony can block this fairly easily, but even if there is how good do you think it can possibly be? Full time professional developers have had trouble with the Cell. It doesn't matter anyway. We all know the purpose of this is pirated games, and we all know you're only happy about it because a hacked PS3 would bring it down closer to the level of a hacked 360.
Baka-akaB  +   1639d ago
i doubt it too . Either the only homebrew i'm interested into would be playing my ps2 games , and i'm not confident it will happen , at least not soon .
UnwanteDreamz  +   1639d ago
All of that for this list of games http://www.ps3news.com/subd... with no guarantee that I will be able to back up new games? No guarantee I will be able to use homebrew beyond 3.41? No more updates to games or the PSN? No PSN?

Sounds like a joke even if it is free.
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vhero  +   1639d ago
wont be a legal iphone version as it will never get onto the store but as for android well you don't even need a jailbroken device to use it. Hwoever I can see a LOT of bricked phones with people trying this.
enkeixpress  +   1639d ago
Go Sony!! :D

... The sooner this piece of shit is banished from this Earth, the better.

I don't want Sony & PS3 to die.. Because of piracy :(
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KratosGirI  +   1639d ago
Sony and the PS3 aren't gonna die because of Piracy.
Hell, look at the Wii, 360 and PS2. They were pirated to bits, but they're still doing good!
PopEmUp  +   1639d ago
know the Ps2 did even better when they were piracy
HydraxFFx  +   1639d ago
The same thing with the PSP, many only bought it because it could be hacked easily.
LightofDarkness  +   1639d ago
Yeah, because MS and Nintendo are so in danger of going under at any moment because of piracy.

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radphil  +   1639d ago
Still isn't an excuse to steal. :p
vhero  +   1639d ago
DS is the biggest of them all everybody who owns a DS nearly owns a backup cart of some kind. How you think Ninty sold so many of those things?? Mario? Hahahaha. Those backup carts sold the DS as until they came out it was struggling for sales.
PimpHandHappy  +   1639d ago
like i said
the guys that wanted to sell this didnt because they knew it was illegal and the way they made it would have meant jail time for theft

like i said

it will never see the light of day and anyone that uses the free version will get the ban hammer
Sarick  +   1639d ago
I've been thinking.
When Sony bans consoles they do it by using the systems internal ID. What if the firmware or software was tricked into thinking it's another console.

Just think about it like this. You're an honest PS3 user playing online and one of these jailbreak users has their console ban. When the guy who gets ban uses this possible feature it changes his/her system to connect to PSN as another console.

What would happen if those random ID's turned out to be mask as ligament PS3s? One such as yours and your PS3 suddenly is BAN. I'm not saying it's totally possible but if you've seen Geos underground videos where he's altered the firmware so it allowed him to change the MAC address of the internal lan as well as other system defining firmware and features. I'm thinking it might be entirely possible to spoof the console identification at some point.

If they create a homebrew that modifies the way the consoles connect to PSN so it falsifys the console identification honest owners could be ban to. There are almost 40 million PS3's out there with billions of possible system identification IDs.
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Serjikal_Strike  +   1639d ago
them to HELL!!!!
evilbart  +   1639d ago
No interest in pirating games will continue to buy,but will use this method if the home brew scene kicks off
PopEmUp  +   1639d ago
I actually
don't mind me backing up my own game and leave it in the HDD for the game that I play the most, I still buy game like I always do but giving me a feature to back my games hell yeah :)
tiamat5  +   1639d ago
This is only the beginning. They have a long fight ahead of them. First punish those responsible, then attempt to fix the damage. I really don't see what is with people gloating that it's too late or that Sony will never be able to stop it. I see nothing to celebrate about.This will cause more harm then good and mess up our future gaming experiences and instead of concentrating on making epic games, they have to spend precious resources fighting against this.Yet everyone is acting like the hackers gave you an early Xmas present or something. It's not the fact that if Sony will survive or not that you should be concerned about. It's what they might have do to survive that might hurt us the most.This is not the PS2.The stakes are much higher this time.
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DA_SHREDDER  +   1639d ago
"Teh codes are out" Ain't gonna stop Sony from banning you turds that already have it. LOL! L-O-S-E-R-S.
joypads  +   1639d ago
Ps3 is huge profit for Governments
of course they're going to BAN jailbreak because it will damage part of the australian economy & at these tough times the judgement given is very wise one.

@ the guy above

actually Sony can & will BAN them permanently from PSN rendering their Ps3 useless.also stop them from playing newer games by patching the code of the blu ray disc. ;)
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evrfighter  +   1639d ago
my ps3 is already rendered useless. It's just being used as a glorified dvd player.

I think it's about time to start hittin up the net and seeing how to make my own jailbreak stick.
lonix  +   1639d ago
Week old news
evilbart  +   1639d ago
lonix  +   1639d ago
At above
How'd you get so many bubbles?
stuie10   1639d ago | Offensive
rawd  +   1639d ago
Firmware is coming to disable the hack. Yawn. The PS3 iz doom3d
N4OGs  +   1639d ago
what good would it do to release code of the jailbrake?
not many people are smart enough to make it and even if u are u will go to jail when they rat out who sold them it. How about the idiots just stop right now and take this as a loss. Dont try and be soar loosers and wreck your life more and other peoples.

If sony starts giving out rewards and psn games for catching or telling on people making and selling these things then ill be on board to rat them out if they just cant take there lose as a man.
PS3-247  +   1639d ago
LOL at the idiots that preordered. Hope they get they money back. Good job Sony.
tiamat5  +   1639d ago
I love how when someone who does something wrong can always find some reason to justify what they are doing. They latch on to any excuse. Linux was a feature that barely was used and wasn't even that practical. And that gives you the right to break Sony security and allow thieves in to mess them up? And please spare me the 'I will only use it for homebrew' speeches please. If you are dishonest enough to use things from thieves and criminals when the pirates start making cheap PS3 copies I am sure you people will be first in line because you still think Sony 'owes' you. Just stop with the long speeches trying to make what you are doing sound right. It's wrong and every other hack was wrong and no matter how you spin it, it will never be right.stuie10 you are a selfish idiot to ruin other peoples' fun just to get what you want or think you deserve.
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tdogg06051991  +   1639d ago
If Sony updates this out...
Consumers lose again. Let say they disable coding coming from the USB ports. Well now you have a problem, whenever someone goes into a Best Buy to get their console fixed they have to ship it way out to Sony Japan and wait weeks for them to figure out the problem by hand. Its a loss for consumers if Sony does it but their still trying to contemplate if its the last solution.
bligmerk  +   1639d ago
They are all still using the same stolen maintenance code and it can be detected on PSN, so anybody dumb enough to leave it plugged in is going to get caught. They might just permaban accounts but with the court ruling in their favor, since Sony recognizes this as a violation of their EULA, they could charge a cancellation fee to your PSN account before closing it. It is not a fine, it could be called a Violation of EULA Cancellation Service Fee.

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