Super Mario Bros. Wii becomes 3rd Home Console Game To Top 4 million Units In Japan...Ever

In Japan, according to the VGChartz data base, there are 66 games that have topped 2 million units. Of those 66 games, there are 33 games which have topped 3 million units. As of the end of August 2010 though, there are now 15 games to top 4 million units in Japan.

Of those 15 titles to top 4m units in Japan, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is only the third game for a console (i.e. not a portable) to top 3 million units. It is the first console game to do so since 2000, when Dragon Quest VII released for PS1. Only the original Super Mario Bros., for the Famicom (NES) has outsold New Super Mario Bros. Wii on a Nintendo console in Japan. To date, only a handfull of platforms even have a 4m seller in Japan. PS2 and SNES for instance, are notably absent.

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eagle212995d ago

Those Koopalings did it again! :)