PlayStation Move : Video review by Play3-Live

Play3-Live posted its review of the PlayStation Move, with several videos (one for each game in Sports Champions), in order to show the accuracy of the PS Move.

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MisterAV2995d ago

because it shows sport champion with ONE move in all the games, especially on gladiator

WildArmed2995d ago

They repeated-ly have said that you can play ALL games w/ 1 Move controller.
But if you get another controller, you will get more involved in the games.

I liked that I didn't have to jump with both feet in, i can try it w/ 1 move and see how that works out

tiamat52995d ago

He is very good at this. I didn't see any of the lag, control issues or any other of the problems that certain reviewers claim Move and this game have. Just a theory but maybe Move only works for you if you don't suck. Just a theory though.

Hazmat132995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

so im guessing its better to have 2 move controlers? can you use the DS3 as a nav control? also will the PSMove come out with a tech demo disc like seen in all tech demo vids? cuz that would be epic!

saint_john_paul_ii2995d ago

Q: Its better to have 2 move controllers?

A: you dont have to, but its recommended if you want better gameplay for some games that uses 2.
Q:Can you use the DS3 as a nav Control?

A: Yes. nav controller is optional. you can use the DS3 instead.


Q:Will the PS move come out with a tech demo disc like seen in all tech demo vids?

A: No. but if you buy the Move Starter Pack (PS eye, Move, sports champions bundle), it will come with a demo disc which has a compilation of Game Demos which support the PS move.


Hazmat132994d ago

will sell the move by it self? also the nav too? sorry i keep asking questions. lol

darkdoom30002995d ago

Ok. I was wondering which launch game I was gonna get. Looks like ill be getting

Move x2
Sports Championship
Nav (maybe....)

Heavy Rain<Patch>
Hustle Kings<Patch>

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The story is too old to be commented.