Call of Duty: Black Ops Television Commercial Debuts in UK; Focuses on Xbox 360 Release

At approximately 20:59 (BST) this evening, during the England vs. Bulgaria European Championship 2012 qualifying football match on ITV, Activision took the spotlight with an extended trailer for the highly-anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops. Aired at half-time during the match, the trailer will have undoubtedly been seen by millions of football fans in the UK, which will not only benefit sales of the game itself, but most likely the featured Xbox 360 console as well.

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sorry dude you're late to the party. this has been posted a few days ago.

kevco332723d ago

How's that mate? It was only aired about 14 hours ago!

Acquiescence2723d ago

all the foul-mouthed little brats on Xbox Live are the ones that'll go apeshit for this sort of thing.

Akagi2723d ago

I wonder how much M$ paid for this.

EvilBlackCat2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

How much microsoft paid them? i mean this is not an industry or business. Video Games industry is La La Land where developers makes the game for free because they love us and the console makers are the one who put prices on the games and take all the money for them while video games developers starves.

WHY?! WHY!? is this happening!!!! WHY?!!! Waaaaaaa!!! Waaaaaa!!!

karl2723d ago

im sure it wasnt cheap... but well... we all know they need it

falviousuk2723d ago

@ Akagi

I wonder how much $ony paid EA for the exclusive Medal of Honour stuff for the P$3.

See works both ways, but blind ps3 fanboys tend to ignore these little facts and try to shit on the xbox / ms / kinect whenever they can.

so sad, try being a gamer mate

R2D22723d ago

Fair enough comment but why dont you say the same thing about Sony and Medal of Honor of Mafia II DLC - right developers love Sony thats why they do it.

Akagi2723d ago


How about stop implying I was trying to be a fanboy when I was merely curious about how much M$ paid to exclude PS3, "mate".

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Imperator2723d ago

Why does MS spend money on useless crap like this. They did the same thing with MW2 and it STILL sold like 8 million on PS3. They also did it with FFXIII NA release and the PS3 version STILL destroyed the 360 version, so what's the point? Why not use the money to make some first party studios.

Syronicus2722d ago

Regardless of advertising. At this point, Sony's game lineup consists of so many great titles that any COD title just mixes in with the best of them. Sony has no need to push for titles like this anymore, they know that those who own the PS3 will ask for this game by name and by their current favorite console.

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kevco332723d ago

That's talking about a print ad. This is talking about a television commercial - the first aired for the game on national UK television.

StanLee2723d ago

How about 13 million unique users on XBox Live as compared to barely 4 million on PSN.

gtsentry2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

well if u wana b specific there are more people on psn then xbox live..u sed psn wich means ps3 n psp..also sony themselves sed more people are hooked upto the internet then an othr console.AND ALSO HOW THE HELL DID U GET 13 MILLION FOR XBOX N 4 MILLION FOR PS3...ps3 is less than 4 million behind xbox.just shut up

KiLLUMiNATi_892723d ago

Common sense bro cause they make more money on the xbox then ps3. But I don't see the big issues cause it's still coming to ps3 world so things like this is pointless.

gtsentry2723d ago

WHO THE HELL WAS TALKING ABOUT MONEY,i jus responded to the false comment that was made,there was no trace of fanboy in my comment only facts

InfiniteRetro2723d ago

lol microsoft waste money on trying to make a multiplatform game out to be an exclusive? sad, fucking sad.

sayonara892723d ago

Same thing happened with FFXIII in US.

Dance2723d ago

remember those assassin creed PS3 logo only ads

Brklynty12723d ago

Remember Assassins Creed was originally a PS3 exclusive but Microsoft saw the hype for it and well threw a check in ubisofts face, thats why Sony gets exclusive rights to AC like the ads and the upcoming beta while MS has with CoD because they give activision alot of money.

siyrobbo2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

and still the game sold more on 360

just shows what a waste of time exclusive 3rd party advertisement is (case in point MS and ff13)

I dont think ms threw money at ubisoft like they did square enix, it was more a case of the 360 being the most popular console at the time, with a bigger install base. They would have been stupid not to have shifted multi-plat

falviousuk2723d ago

@ Brklynty1

again another PS3 user who uses this opportunity to jump pn the hate xbox bandwagon.

Get your facts right before you make yourself look like an even bigger idiot.
Assassins creed was first seen on the 360 before all the PS3 ads appeared, how did that come about, did sony throw money at Ubisoft to make it look like this multiplatform game was an exclusive.

PS3 fanbase mentality is unbelievable.

again try being a gamer instead of a hater. Regardless of what system you own, just enjoy the games on it, and stop trying to bash the other system.

Doc Sony2723d ago

Well you know what 3shitty ? Its not working cuz I'm still getting it for the PS3, so there !

Substance1012723d ago

lol why get this shitty game at all. all it is, is a MW1 rehash, just like WaW and MW2. Be prepared to buy 2-3 dlcs for the game as well.

PhantomT14122723d ago

I got your picture this morning :(

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