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So, we're getting closer to the day when the Big Two games consoles catch up with the gallant little Nintendo Wii and embrace motion control. And not just embrace it with a couple of dodgy handheld controllers that don't come anywhere near providing us with the perfectly-mapped lightsaber experience we were sort of promised by Nintendo.

No, Sony and Microsoft are going much further with their Move and Kinect systems. I hesitate to call them motion control because they're much more than that – something akin to full body immersion.

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Sevir042997d ago

and while i was skeptical about them at first i'm happy to say i'm onboard for more than just DS3 gameplay. :-)

Hallmark Moment2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

*sheds tears*

* thinks to self, My boy is finally a man*

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IrishYamato2997d ago

I hope that Chuck Norris game comes out on the Move. Chuck Norris FT fucking W.

IrishYamato2997d ago

I thought everyone loved Sir Chuck?.

Agent-862997d ago

Probably because he got involved in politics and alienated some of his fans.

skrug2997d ago

because Bruce Lee >>...>>> Chuck Norris

Eric Cartman2997d ago

Not updated, I see. Kevin Butler is the new Chuck Norris.

IrishYamato2997d ago

Kevin Butler and Chuck Norris in the same sentence. The epicness is making me dizzy. LOL

CaJuaLFeatPuFF2997d ago

I wonder what Chad Warden would say about this

MartinGlow2997d ago

Now he will have a dildo for his PSTriple as well!

But jokes aside...

They should be interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.