Duke Nukem Forever: From Vaporware To Software

It wasn't supposed to be real. It was supposed to be imaginary. Vapor. Yet, Duke Nukem Forever, a game in development for over 13 years, is very real.

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R2D22727d ago

That's one down and two to go - lets hope we get a release date for War Devil and Huxly.

badz1492726d ago

the only game that ever beat the SCII! 13 years of wait as oppose to 12! I wonder if the Koreans care though!

Mista T2727d ago

it's so great that this game is gonna finally see the light of day

Lirky2727d ago

Alot of ppl are interested in it still some waited for so long meaning that its a dis-service... till the game releases 1 week away then thats when ppl will support it more.

NYC_Gamer2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

yes...its finally coming but will the game be worth the 100yr wait

extermin8or2727d ago

from what ive seen it deserves to be vaporware....

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