The Duke Nukem Forever PAX Demo: Not-For-Kids Photo Gallery

Kotaku writes: We were encouraged to take as many pictures as we could of Duke Nukem Forever here at Penny Arcade Expo 2010 today. So I did.

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Derekvinyard133026d ago

these pics are stunning! this game looks great so far, i wonder if there will be multiplayer? im so excited for this game

DarkRayneRules3026d ago

Yeah it's looking so much better than last time we saw it. It looks really impressive now, and fun. I'm really excited. I can't wait to play it. :D


Played all of the duke nukem games and loved them :) This looks awesome and will be brilliant to play when it's out.

fossilfern3026d ago

lol same, iv played all of the Duke games even that weird expansion for Duke 3D that had hundreds of levels on it. Cant wait till this hits 12 years in the making :D!

Roozium3026d ago

Damn, that mirror picture was sexy as hell. Can't wait to play this game!

chazjamie3026d ago

i want this game, i just hope the console versions can pull their own weight. cause those pc screens are beautiful

e-p-ayeaH3026d ago

they seem playing the 360 versions to me cause everybody was playing with 360 controlers.

chazjamie3026d ago

they playing the pc version with 360 controllers.

"Though Duke Nukem Forever was running on a PC, I played with an Xbox 360 controller. "

JBroken3026d ago

Even "the superior pc platform" uses xbox 360 controller
OT: Enough with this game already. Gees

C L O U D3026d ago

Was Duke just getting ... of those chicks...


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