Firefall debut trailer and gameplay

Red 5 Studios, the studio’s first title brought to you by the team lead of World of Warcraft and the lead designer of Tribes, have released 10 minutes of footage from the game and a trailer.

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Valay2963d ago

I'm liking the look of this game so far. The environment in the first part of the footage looked really impressive.

lociefer2963d ago

looks meh imo, but thts just me

Kerrby2963d ago

I actually think it looks okay.

It could get unbelievably repetitive though.

bobcostus2963d ago

Looks awesome. Kind of reminds me of Borderlands mixed with Planetside, and that's a very, VERY good thing. This is definitely on my radar.

NYC_Gamer2963d ago

they might if can find someone to publish

Bobbykotickrulesz2963d ago

If I don't have a PC to play this on by the time it's released, then yes, bring this to my PS3.

UnSelf2963d ago

wish i could approve articles

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The story is too old to be commented.