EA responds to Wikipedia revision controversy

EA has responded to news that an unnamed employee has been making revisions to the company's history on Wikipedia.

An EA spokesperson told that "EA sometimes updates websites with info about the company, games and employees. For example, EA has sent a correction to Yahoo Finance when they had misspelled the name of an EA executive."

While not specifically addressing the controversial changes, EA's spokesperson explained that "Many companies routinely post updates on websites like Wikipedia to ensure accuracy of their own corporate information."

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MK_Red4051d ago

Agreed. Thats some huge EA BS.

I wonder what they have to say about that stupid Photoshopped NBA screen. :)

Syko4051d ago

Come on guys EA has never given me a reason not to trust and believe in them 100%...

Before I get 500 disagrees,lol

Charlie26884051d ago

EA...EA...when will you learn? >.>

Hatchetforce4051d ago

What do they have to learn? There will be a small hubub and then it will be left alone, the changes will stand and people will buy their games. It's a shame but no one will hold them accountable.

Fighter4051d ago

We should all agree, unless you work for EA, but you'll still agree.

shodown194051d ago

Electronic Arts hasnt been sh!t since SNES and Genesis.