Vanquish Demo Impressions (DualShockers)

DS writes, "By the end of the demo my socks were completely blown off. Playing it evokes a euphoric mindset that is simply beyond comparison to anything else I have ever played. I have played through it five times and I will probably play it several times more in the next few weeks. If you thought you were excited before playing this, afterwards you’ll almost be a little scared of what Platinum Games and SEGA are going to throw at you in the full game. Stay tuned for our full review when the game come out next month."

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tynam2998d ago

am i missing the point of this game, i thought the demo was boring and unoriginal

Axisian2998d ago

you were playing it wrong then.

The demo was awesome sauce.

Dee_912997d ago

im just not into these type of games i guess because it wasnt all that to me
i like how u can slow down and stuff
its not bad it was just kinda unoriginal to me

Bobbykotickrulesz2997d ago

In my opinion, it wasn't the sickest shit I've ever played.

But it reminded me of an arcade game with next gen mechanics, which was totally awesome. I'll definitely play this game when it comes out.

cooperdnizzle2997d ago

Your playing it wrong then.. The demo sucked mediocre at best

Knushwood Butt2997d ago

Can't say I was particularly impressed either. Looked quite nice, but, erm.. I may give it another try.

guzman2997d ago

Can you say multiple alt accounts? Get bent loser.

DA_SHREDDER2998d ago

I thought it needed more polish. But it has alot of potential. Not even close to AAA status though. It's not even a fraction as good as The other M.

Keith Olbermann2997d ago

Dude...thats a funny one. were joking, right?

guzman2997d ago

I got a good laugh out of that one as well.

NovusTerminus2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Why does it need polish? It requires so much more skill then one of the 5 million other shooters that are all the same. Day one for me.

DarkTower8052997d ago

Skill is a highly overused word in the video game industry. Vanquish does not take skill. If you're older than 8 and not mentally or physically challenged, then chances are you can play most video games effectively, including Vanquish.

Just because alot of people don't like the style of Vanquish(including me) doesn't mean we lack skill. It's just different strokes for different folks.

mrv3212998d ago

It looks epic, it plays well... it's quite Japanease but it's fun. CO-OP would have been nice this game would be crazy competitively... like an absolute mad house, even with just 4 people all you need is two of them to be boosting and it's like you've attached a Saturn 5 rocket to a mini, it shouldn't work, someone will end up dead but it'll be crazy.

Imagine this game multiplayer... if only for something refreshing.

NovusTerminus2998d ago

I think Co-Op would fit the game better, I would rather them not try to balance the game out and ruin the charm. But if this game were to go Co-Op in the future that would be epic.

ChronoJoe2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Personally, I didn't think it was special.

I mean it's not at it's heart a fast paced shooter, it's your run of the mil slow paced shooter, with some fast paced mechanics attached. The core speed of your character is, rather slow, and the shooter gameplay is rather typical.

It was fun but the additional features didn't enable the game to differentiate itself enough from other FPS I have played, and the gameplay overall wasn't as versatile as it was previously advertised thanks to the 'recharge' mechanics.

The place I thought the game set it self apart however, was the particle effects. They're great, the art style itself was also pretty endearing... but the characters seemed generic, I mean the leading roll is obviously a wanabe solid snake.

My thoughts.

guzman2997d ago

FPS huh Chrono? Lol, doubt you even played it. Stick with Starfox kid.

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