Haze: Progression & Tech Comparisons

Haze Blog:
"As we all know, improving and developing new technology is dangerous. After all, that's how The Terminator, ED-209, and the evil version of Mr. Data came to be. So, on the one hand it's great that we've been whipping our technical guys into a development frenzy, because they're making Haze look and play better than ever, but on the other hand we're steering mankind towards its inevitable destruction at the hands of robots."

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Vip3r3988d ago

Sweet. The graphics certainly impress.

dachiefsman3988d ago

This game looks like it is going to give a nice twist to the FPS genre.

MK_Red3988d ago

I loved that jungle shots. Easily showing each effect.

Vip3r3988d ago

That game looks good too but why are you being such a fanboy about Haze?

Violater3988d ago

POG is a POS and the PS3 is the lead platform for H A Z E

pilotpistolpete3988d ago

Shouldn't you be playing your 360 right now and stop trolling?

dachiefsman3988d ago

Is not a PS3 exclusive?
If it is why is this article in the 360 section?

Please don't bite my head off just asking some questions.

aslucher3988d ago

it is a timed exclusive to the ps3.... which means it will be released on the ps3 and then they will wait a couple months, then release it for the 360....

power of Green 3988d ago

LOL I'm sure he knows what it means. This should be fun if anything.

LSDARBY3988d ago

I hope they have more facial aimation in the game, cus in the trailer the guy you play as seemed to have the same expression on his face while shooting, looked really odd

riqued3988d ago

It's not likely, but it could be part of the plot, you know... While taking nectar the world is a little different to them, they are kind of emotionless

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The story is too old to be commented.