Sony Establishes First Nationwide Electronics Recycling Program

To encourage consumers to recycle and dispose of electronic devices in an environmentally sound manner, Sony has established a national recycling program for consumer electronics. The Sony Take Back Recycling Program allows consumers to recycle all Sony-branded products for no fee at 75 Waste Management (WM) Recycle America eCycling drop-off centers throughout the U.S.

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CNIVEK4016d ago

Now I have an Earth-friendly means of dumping my dusty, waste-of-$300 PoS2. :o

Rattles4016d ago

people know were to put ther 360 i mean i ring microsoft they send the coffen but then they keep sending it back im like WTF

eLiNeS4016d ago

I would rather have a broke down Xbox 360 that I know will get repaired under a 3 year warranty, with Top Shelf AAA games, that's right, AAA games, take a look for yourself, then a PofS3 with no games and so so games coming soon. You fandroids will never grow up.


N4G, it's not my fault, this site has made me anti Sony!!!

s8anicslayer4016d ago

yeah i agree ms must be the biggest contributer

Razzy4016d ago

picture a landfill with 360's as far as the eye can see....beautiful. ;)

nomad1174016d ago

good i hope ppl actually start recycling electronics something about battery acid or some of that crap inside electronics

Zhuk4016d ago

great news all electronics companies should follow suit