F1 2010 Has (Un)Officially Gone Gold!

WhenSpamAttacks writes: "Codemasters hasn’t announced anything officially, but Steve Hood (Chief Game Designer) posted on Twitter that F1 2010 has gone gold! Unofficially the Xbox 360 version went gold a couple days ago, the PC version today, and they are still waiting for the OK for the PlayStation 3 version. After two-and-a-half years of being in development, Formula 1 fans will finally being able to play the first multi-platform F1 game since EA had the license. F1 2010 is set to release September 21st in North America and September 24th in Europe."


EDIT: It appears the 360 and PC versions are READY to be pressed, but haven't actually been sent off to be made yet. I still consider that Gold status.

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SynGamer3000d ago

Cannot wait for this game! Especially that weather system...very sexy. Definitely going to start a 7-year career and work my way up from the bottom with Lotus (or perhaps HRT).

jay23000d ago

It's pre-ordered babay! as is the Duke.

SynGamer3000d ago

Which platform? I know it's up on Steam now (finally). I'll most likely be getting this on either the 360 and/or the PS3.