Xbox 360 Bioshock Breaks The Top 3 Before Launch

2K's Bioshock for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 on Thurs. climbed to the top three sales at prior to next week's official launch.
The action title held a sales rank of No. 3 by Thurs. afternoon, behind Nintendo Co.'s Pokemon Pearl and EA's Madden NFL 08.

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MK_Red4020d ago

I hope BioShock breaks the sales records. I'm tried of all great new IPs selling weak to decent while endless yearly Sports or other sequels like Pokemon sell like hot-chocolate.

ShiftyLookingCow4020d ago

agreed. Bioshock doesn't deserve to sell low. IF MS doesnt give it advertising and hype because they are too busy doing that for Viva Pinata Party Animals they deserve to lose.

Bnet3434020d ago

Microsoft isn't publishing the game, why the hell would they advertise it? That's 2K Games' job.

nasim4020d ago

the source got the info from NEOGAF

even despite 1.4 year headstart x360 is the least selling console in UK

the worst4020d ago

i have a mod in my lagxbox360 im playing Bioshock now hahahaha

razer4020d ago

Your blind devotion to Sony's jock was lame enough.. But now you admit to being a criminal and stealing. You deserve NO opinion on this site.

BLACKJACK VII4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

You mean the Sony Lagbox right ?

-Laggy Framerates...
-Laggy Sales...
'Lagging B3hind' in AAA Exclusives & 3rd party Games.

junk564020d ago

i only have a ps3 but this game looks effing amazing. too bad i'll be missing out on it so i hope it comes to ps3. hopefully it will because this is the only game i'm really pumped for this holiday season thats going to the 360.

socomnick4020d ago

buy a xbox m8 that way you wont miss out on mass effect either and ill catch you on live :)

paracardium4020d ago

Good for 360 they reaaly really really really need games like this to sell unreliable hardware.Some day these devs will see the light.

Silver3604020d ago

Oh the light of cash falling all over them. Remember as much as you hate the 360 it sells more games than other systems.

PS3Rebel4020d ago

do u have brain damage?

why are we jealous? PS3 owner can buy it on the PC which will play and look better hahahahaha nice try u dumb fuk tard...and looking at ur pic - ur the dumb one if ur hanging out with SONY which according to u is stupid lol

man u xbot girls make me laugh..i doubt this game will push sales - why spend 69 bucks for when u can get a crack of the game online for the PC

snoop_dizzle4020d ago

not everyone has a powerful pc.

I'm just calling it a hunch. Plus not everyone is a PC gamer.

And if you buy it on the PC, you are still supporting Msoft!

Odion4020d ago

not to mention...

Bioshock= a Games for WINDOWS title

bung tickler4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

well they could buy it for their pc, but thats assuming their pc could run it... you need a $400 video card to render this thing at the same levels a 360 can let alone a multi-core proc and over 2gb of ram so sure if you have $2000 or more to upgrade or build you comp out to play the game by all means buy it on the pc.... or you could buy a 360 for $279 and a memory card for $25 to play it... whatever floats your boat.

candystop4020d ago

And what makes you think that you can speak for all PS3 owners? It pure jealousy and you feel it also so quit with the we can get it on pc crap already! Go by it on your pc and see if we care because no matter how you word it 360 has the best lineup this holiday and I'm willing to bet the same thing but even bigger and better next year!

Bombomb4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

a blind [email protected]#kRider, they know no betta..imbeciles they are.

Only Loyal Sony D#$kRiding Fanboy fanatics, rather spend $2000 on a sweet Rig or about $700 to upgrade one to play this, when they can get a 360 with this game for like $450 or so, while they can play on a big screen, while relaxing on the couch.

Oh yeah the 360 cannot make a AAA game with DVD9, while you go purchase the same game on a PC because of the same fact it is a AAA game.

[email protected]#$ken Sony [email protected]$kRiders..

ASSASSYN 36o4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Obviously, this is the response of a child (fuk tard). You have the vocabulary of a 12 year old. Not every person around the world can afford a top end gaming rig (A PC capable of running BioShock) for the price of an Xbox 360 which IS capable.

You: (and looking at ur pic - ur the dumb one if ur hanging out with SONY which according to u is stupid lol)

Kid you must be the ONLY person on this site that would actually believe I have a sony game product and dare to post an avatar against them.

And the fact you read way to into my avatar is a dead give away to your lack of understanding sarcasm. Do you know what is said about people whom fail to understand sarcasm. They are stupid. fixed the Spell Check button. It should work for you now.

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