Sony Europe mailing out Ghost of Sparta demo codes

M2G Writes:

Sony are mailing out God of War: Ghost of Sparta codes to EU Playstation members, although we imagine this is completely at random.

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RankFTW3022d ago

I just downloaded it woot.

RankFTW3022d ago

And it is freaking amazing, graphics are some of the best I've seen on the PSP and the controls are pretty good aswell. Since we obviously don't have a 2nd analogue stick on the PSP they have made it so if you just tap L and R together while holding the direction on the analogue nub you will roll in that direction, pretty nifty.

frjoethesecond3021d ago

Yup. I was worried this wouldn't live up to chains of olypus but other than kratos' new voice this is brilliant.

matta3021d ago

Got a code, lost my PSP charger...

Christopher3021d ago

Sony America is as well. Got a code in my e-mail today as well.

azedean3021d ago

me too i have the code

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The story is too old to be commented.