My Gamer Talk Top 5 - What I hate about being a gamer.

mygamertalk - Nowadays, being a gamer is great. Not only do we have great games to look forward to, but we also have the ability to choose what platform we would like to play them on. But of course, like everything in life, there is a bad side to gaming too. I’m not saying that gaming is one big crapshoot, but there are some things that I really hate about it.

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elementum3022d ago

lol what I hate about being a gamer is when you're stuck talking to other gamers. " yeah, that game looks really good, and ill probably try out that other one too. So.. uhh........... yeah, games"

Bloodlyte3022d ago

haha idd, those conversations never end up anywhere. Usually just ends you both saying "Yeah that was awesome." "Yeah it was." "Yup." *awkward silence*

BurninDragon083022d ago

Well you all must be the anti-social gamers then. Because whenever I go to gamestop I always talk with random people. And the conversations are never awkward and usually always end up going really well.

jrisner3022d ago

Gamestop conversations are always creepy. You always have the one guy who blows everything WAY out of proportion on how good something is. Then you always have the no matter what you know I know so much more than you do and I have to point that out to you guy. I hate talking to gamers, most are creepy.

VinnieMac3022d ago

I know what you mean about them blowing things way out of proportion. When I first bought my 360 back in the day with Oblivion, the people at Gamestop had me convinced that I was completely out of my mind if I didn't buy Table Tennis too. Quoting their exact words it was "the best game they've ever played in their lives".

LowDef3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Most of the time the guys at Gamestop just stare at me as though I'm going to steal a bunch of stuff right in front of them. Conversation with them doesn't seem that appealing.

Ravenous_Syn3022d ago

I agree with 2-4. I never had any problems with my Gamestop and I own all 3 consoles.

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