Ugh, fine! ...Maybe Gaming IS Bad for the Brain

Beer + Videogames: Games are mentally stimulating, right?! Read this and decide for yourself...

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goldensfree3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

"the truth of the matter is that several studies over the past decade have come to similar conclusions regarding the impact of video games on the developing brain and the results are pretty negative. Not only have video games been shown to be conclusively addictive in children, frequent playing is also shown to stunt development of the brain’s frontal lobe, home to learning, memory, and emotion"

Studies have also shown certain studiers are influence by their own prejudices let alone those paying the bills...

after reading the sources lol
1st one dont even say games are the issue
2nd's a joke "Using the most sophisticated technology available, the level of brain activity was measured in hundreds of teenagers playing a Nintendo game and compared to the brain scans of other students doing a simple, repetitive arithmetical exercise. To the surprise of brain-mapping expert Professor Ryuta Kawashima and his team at Tohoku University in Japan, it was found that the computer game only stimulated activity in the parts of the brain associated with vision and movement. "
yeh like games dont involve memory even on teh ol nintendo... s.a.p.s

3rd is the AMA making game addiction a disease nothin new we're at over 350 last time i checked... funny how a panel of shrinks are so keen ta classify everything a disease when it makes em money.
pls save the propaganda for the fox news crowd.

CameronL993023d ago

Here's where the first Japanese study is incomplete and leading to really stupid conclusions - they say that both frontal lobes are stimulated while doing math, and no videogames. This is only a problem if a child ONLY plays videogames and for some strange reason, does not do any math in school which we all know is a mandatory requirement in every grade.
The second study is stupid since the kids who were given a PS2 likely didn't spend as much time reading and writing as the kids who were given nothing, however in order to be accurate the study should have put stric requirements as to how much reading and writing both groups of children actually do. If one group of kids without PS2's does 3 times as much reading and writing as the ones with PS2's, then its obvious they're going to do better in those areas. Making it both the same, and logging those hours to make the study complete, and based on facts would have given a more scientific result.
Bad research is the only reason you'll see people hating on videogames - end of story.

tdogg060519913023d ago

We come here to learn about the games industry all together. I don't find these studies conclusive enough to prove this to me. Metal Gear Solid 3 was a turning point in my life. Never have I felt so immersed in a game. I wanted to learn about the history of the cold war and events surrounding it, read up everything I could on the characters from all the Metal Gear Series. It changed my life and opened my eyes to learning. To say it stunts me or anyone else is inconclusive from my perception.

v1c1ous3023d ago

it happens to everyone, right?

UltimateIdiot9113023d ago

So do those who play video game stop doing homework or learning? Of course I don't expect video games to make one smarter but it sounds like they are saying, the guy who study more do better.

JsonHenry3023d ago

But it feels sooooo good!

maverick11913023d ago

welll notin has hapened to me lol

Darkfocus3023d ago

not gonna lie, your spellings kinda awful...

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