Editorial: Mac Versus PC: The Slavery Of Fanboyism

An editorial exploring the genesis of fanboyism, and how fanboys are slaves to their own warped sense of self-identity.

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NYC_Gamer2699d ago

pc for me because i enjoy having open hardware

AndrewRyan2699d ago

I enjoy screwing around with hardware and updating every year or so. With a mac if you need an upgrade you need to buy a brand new one sadly. Both a PC and a Mac come with positives and negatives, but the PC is more positive for me. I wouldn't even use half the programs that came with a Mac in the first place, but someone who is interested in photography or video editing might be, it all depends on the person.

JsonHenry2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

I much prefer using an open platform. So... PC for me.

Motion2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Upgrading a Mac is very easy, just look at this:

Humor aside, yeah, I too prefer the openess of non-apple hardware.

On another note, not sure if I'm alone on this one, but it really annoys me when people say that macs aren't PC's. PC=Personal computer, not windows. The majority of macos/windows/linux computers used at home are all personal computers. Its not like all Macs are servers, mainframes, super computers etc...they are PC's. Its a generic term, just like "console". It doesn't lend itself to any one in particular. /end rant

MartinGlow2699d ago

is a nice feature on Mac. You can install Windows platforms onto it and you can do almost as much as a Windows platform. Technically you could do just the same, but Mac is for my video editing, effects, etc. I stick to Windows with my games.

Eiffel2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Always found bootcamp pretty humorous.

"You can use bootcamp to run windows, as well as all third party applications that don't have mac support."

"But what does Mac have that PC can't run nor requires such, in order to run it. When most general mac exclusive programs offered are generally limited compared to most other third party applications on the PC."


Honestly by the stance of it, PC is just the easier and smarter choice.

EvilBlackCat2699d ago

MAC for : 3D, Graphic Designs and Music

PC: Video Games & 3D

Kakkoii2698d ago

Windows doesn't have Photoshop and the rest of the Adobe suite for you to do graphic design with? Very interesting. And it doesn't have Ableton, Reason, FruityLoops, etc..? Oh, that is quite interesting also.. <_<.

SaiyanFury2698d ago

As far as I've ever seen PCs can do everything Macs can do, with the advantage of freedom of hardware. Oh yeah, also there's more variety in software as well.

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DeeZee2699d ago

I love macs because OS X, but I need a gaming PC. So I go with the Asus g73 and MBP combo.

Bojangles2699d ago

This article made me think -- it's an interesting read. There are some big philosophical concepts in there that they do a good job of relating back to the fanboy stuff you hear on the internet constantly.

Pistolero2699d ago

yeah, like the guys above I prefer PCs too, but that isn't what this article is is a philosophical look at what fanboyism is and what motivates it. I really enjoyed reading the article.

Bojangles2699d ago

Glad you liked it -- I did too. Looks like most people in the comments missed the point so-to-speak (unfortunately).

Also, this was my favorite picture in the article :)

BakedGoods2699d ago

Yep, most people missed the point. Sad really. I gotta stop reading N4G, it's starting to get painful.

Shuklar2699d ago

Apple does know that PC = personal computer, right? Apple is indeed NOT a PC.

tdrules2699d ago

I owned an iMac G5 for 5 years and a Gaming PC of some kind for 10ish.
Bang for buck is PC, looking pretty Mac.
Gaming obviously goes to PC, unless you like Hamsterball Gold that much you have to own a Mac

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The story is too old to be commented.
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