Retailer to offer Bioshock for Xbox 360 at $49

Retailer Circuit City next week will retail 2K Games' Bioshock for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 and the PC at a $10 discount, according to consumer site

The anticipated action title carries an MSRP of $59.99 for the Xbox 360 and $49.99 for the PC.

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willud4skins3992d ago

does gamestop match prices? ive already preordered there

STICKzophrenic3992d ago

I pre-ordered at Best Buy, so if Circuit City is cheaper, I'll get Best Buy to price match. Price matching FTW.

DrRage773992d ago

um, can somebody say "crazy mob action" when the doors open first thing in the morning of the Bioshock release at CC? lol

jcgamer3992d ago

but what's the catch? Probably have to buy some Circuit City bubble gum or something crazy...

Excalibur3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

Every now and then they do this, I got Overlord and The Darkness that way.
What is even better is they now have a gamer card that gives you 10% off new games or accessories for any system so I'll save another $4.99 on top of the $49.99 SWEET!!

BTW willud4skins E.B. Games/Gamestop does not price match but Circuit City does and will beat whoever's price by 10%

I stop buying new at E.B. Games/Gamestop. I just use their used game card.

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