PSP Sales Double On Monster Hunter Spinoff Release In Japan

Sales of Sony's PSP doubled week-on-week in Japan on the release of the chart-topping Capcom PSP game Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Ailu Village, which also launched in a bundle.

For the week ended August 29, the PSP line -- including the PSP-3000 and PSP Go -- sold 55,948 units, up from the previous week's 28,185. This week, the PSP-3000 individual sold 55,112 units, while the disc drive-less PSP Go sold 836.

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Myst2696d ago

Should be interesting when Monster Hunter Portable 3rd comes out.

TotalPS3Fanboy2696d ago

please bring this series to the PS3. And make it into an MMO.

Myst2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Monster Hunter Frontier. PC and 360 in Japan and PC in Korea. So already made into an MMO best thing to do is ask for it to come here, because it's awesome. The other thing now to ask for is a PS3 version, Capcom said they have been listening so surely they could easily do a double of putting Frontier and a new Monster Hunter on PS3.

Added a video, they have quite a few monsters on it and are adding more with each installment. Truly a fans dream come true.

darkdoom30002696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Egh... I hate MMOs. If it has a subscription then i won't like.

If you paid for the game- then you should be allowed to play the game!
microtransactions I can stand.

Godmars2902696d ago

I question Capcom's ability to make it an MMO. To make it more than it currently is.

silvacrest2696d ago

you would be surprised but microtransactions are often worse then just paying a sub

any worthwhile gear/loot/content will have a price tag and you will soon find yourself being nickel and dimed

it also means the player base will be unequal because those who can afford will have all the latest equipment and the poorer players are left with the stuff no one wants

darkdoom30002696d ago

Yeah- but you are spending on your own pace.

If you're not playing less, you will be spending less.

Also, atleast thoes poor players are actually playing the game, if it would have been sub, thoes poor players wouldn't be anywhere to be found. = less playerbase.

Seferoth752696d ago

I dont see that happening myself, not with Tri being the best selling console version to date and PS3 not even having near the install base of PS2 or Wii and a much higher development cost.

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ps360owner092696d ago

So who wouldn't expect this to happen.

PS3-2472696d ago

That's a big increase. I hope more people buy the game and not download it for free.

darkdoom30002696d ago

Nice job PSP! Not too suprising though.

whoa. WTF happened to the Wii?

Snarkasaur2696d ago

Don't the Monster Hunter fans already have PSPs? Do PSPs break down so often that they're buying a new one every time a MH games comes out? o_O

wazzim2696d ago

Well the analog get's a bit rusty every 500 hours of MH (+- 2 MH games), some people just want to get a new one because of MH tournaments etc.

darkdoom30002696d ago

I im pretty sure everyone in japan have multiple PSPs(and DSs)

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