Square-Enix teams with Ankama for MMO

Square-Enix, Inc., the publisher of Square-Enix interactive entertainment products in North America, is teaming up with Ankama to release the free-to-play MMORPG WAKFU for Windows PC in North America. Featuring turn-based, tactical combat, players will choose from 12 character classes as they are whisked away to the vibrant, anime-style world of WAKFU.

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Godmars2902999d ago

Aside from Square's apparent dislike of the PS3, I don't see why a turn based MMO, especially a turn based MMO, can't be on the console.

Darkfiber2999d ago

Holy god, why is everyone on this site so obsessed with the PS3?

Also, after Final Fantasy XIV comes out, I don't think anyone will want Square Enix to have anything to do with another MMO.

Godmars2902998d ago

Could care less if it was on the 360, but more than likely MS would make a "free" MMO require XBL, so what's the point of bring it up in the first place?

And yeah, as a PS3-only owner who mainly games on my PS3 rather than PC you can call me "obsessed" with the PS3. Nevermind that this is an "old-fashioned" turn based JRPG-styled MMO with decent looking but low demand looking animations. That Square has spoken in favor of the 360 over PS3 is why I made my first statement.