God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo for Spartan Army, God of War Live Recap

"We know our Spartan Army members are true die-hard God of War fans, so it only makes sense for us to grant our opted-in registrants all premiums and first access."

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GuruStarr782942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Got mine on Wednesday from an Examiner giveaway off of a "pending" N4G story (that has since been taken down for some reason, probably since it was deemed a contest) and downloaded it kicks ass, the gameplay is amazing and it pushes the PSP to its limits graphically......thanks again to Juan Martinez of the!!

darkdoom30002942d ago

I'm plusing so yay for me :)

idiealot2942d ago

Why haven't I got my code yet? Spartan army before god of war 3 came out, Spartans stand tall since 2 days after god of war 3 released. Grrr I wanna play it already.

remanutd552942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

yea i still havent gotten my code either , bah , anyways i hope i get it next tuesday with ps+

2942d ago