Don’t Worry, Atlus Isn’t Going Anywhere

Concerned that Atlus might be closing its doors due to all the corporate red tape that is forcing Atlus' parent company, Index Holdings, to restructure? Well, worry not friends. According to the President/CEO of Atlus, Shinichi Suzuki, the prominent gaming developer isn't going anywhere.

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Sandal3000d ago

Much like how Squaresoft was gone when they became Square-Enix. Atlus is now doomed to create mediocre games and Catherine will be their first mediocre game.

Urmomlol3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

They definitely have hit a rough patch as of late. However, they also published Odin Sphere and developed Demon's Soul so....

Edit: Ah, yeah, that's right. Atlus was the only one with the balls to publish it in the US. Didn't Sony back out because they were too scared the game wouldn't sell well?

Myst3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

They actually just published Demon's Souls it was From Software that developed the game.

Edit -
Yep. They thought it wouldn't do well because of the difficulty or something I forgot their reason to be honest. Either way when the sells data came in Atlus said it exceeded their expectations. Which is great.

DA_SHREDDER3000d ago

From Software developed Demon's Souls. Atlus just published it.

Chubear3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

From Software and Sony Japan studios developed Demon Souls while Sony published it in JPN, Atlus in NA and someone else in EU

TheColbertinator3000d ago


Namco published Demons Souls in Europe

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killyourfm3000d ago

Enchantment? ENCHANTMENT! (Sorry, had to say it)

Count3000d ago

Sarcasm or exaggeration?

TheTwelve3000d ago

I really hope Sony buys them out. Atlus has provided some of my greatest JRPG experiences over the past few years, while S-E has not.


Game-ur3000d ago

The only worry is about their western publishing, will the parent company be less enthusiastic?

Kain813000d ago

Like Square-Enix, like Namco-Bandai.....

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Queasy3000d ago

Mmmmmm....corporate speak filled announcements complete with "synergy"!

showtimefolks3000d ago

buy sucker punch before infamous 2
buy altus jst because they mean so much to playstation fans
and announce more exclusives for 2012 eight days,getaway 3 and uncharted 3 what about jak series in hd

Invader_Quirk3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Atlus makes great DS games too, so Sony buying them would suck. My goodness, N4G IS a bunch of Sony fanboys.

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