Five Games We Need to See on Move

PlayStation Move promises to change the PlayStation experience completely, adding extra realism, immersion and brand new control capabilities to the console's library. With that in mind, which games really should come over to Move? Here's five of our picks.

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btk2943d ago

A really good golf game that uses Move
A Start Wars Light Saber fighting game
A Flight Simulator
Tennis, Table Tennis

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Another game should be Siren Blood Curse.

Azianphil882942d ago

good one
i believe Siren Blood Curse is an underrated game for the PS3
and House of the Dead for the Move is not a bad idea

GuruStarr782943d ago

star wars fps (or 3rd person, I'm not picky) with lightsabers.....

HelghastKid2943d ago

Ummmm Oblivion? that game was made to be played with move.

JamesNewton2942d ago

Not sure my arms could take playing Oblivion for 100+ hours with 1:1 sword controls!