Shank Devs Leave The Door Open For Shank 2

Klei Entertainment's latest project, Shank, just hit Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network last week. The 2D beat em' up with slick visuals and a Robert Rodriguez inspired story commanded considerable attention leading up to its release. Klei's Jamie Cheng recently sat down with Gaming Union. When asked about continuing Shank, Cheng said, "I think that would be really fun, yeah."

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Coramoor_2999d ago

well shank is a lot of fun, although i'm not sure what gameplay refinements they can really make to justify a sequel

JDouglasGU2999d ago

good point, the combat and level design is pretty straightforward. continuing the story doesn't seem to justify it.

ipunchedGOD8982999d ago

This needs to be made into an ongoing series. No questions asked.

mephman2999d ago

Yea, I think there's a lot more they could do with it.

Coramoor_2999d ago

presentation and story wise sure, but idk how they could improve the gameplay to keep me interested

JDouglasGU2999d ago

seems like they should leave it as a singular experience, as Cheng discusses in the interview.

ShawnCollier2999d ago

I really liked this game's art style. Hopefully the game sells well for them.

Hardedge2999d ago

The game's surprisingly addictive. Would love a sequel.